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I'm sorry I have not kept in touch very often, but I thought of you today, as our daughter is learning about Native American culture in her kindergarten class and I told her teacher all about Tuwa.


Tuwa is a sensational dog and member of our family. She is exceptional with our kids and any time we have friends and more kids over. She is in great health and seems to only suffer from sibling rivalry, being the middle child now. Anytime I leave the house and come home, Lorelei screams, "Mommy's home!", then our 2 year old son runs screaming, "Mom-mom!" and Tuwa comes running after in a flash. I sit on the ground to get hugs...one kid on either side and Tuwa is right in the middle licking everyone and nudging her face on all of us, as to say, "I love you guys!"


I am so happy she is part of our family and I hope you feel comfort in knowing she is loved VERY much and is a best friend to 2 happy children.


Having 2 small kids to run around after and get to schools everyday, I don't have much time to get to the forums you suggested, so if there is anything I can do online, I would be happy to.


I have attached one photo of Tuwa playing with me in the family room, she doesn't like to sit while I take her picture, because she wants to be right by my side. The other is a photo of our children and my parents the night of Lorelei's first piano recital. Tuwa and my dad have a very special bond as well. My mom and dad recently lost their German Shepard, Taima, and they have adopted Tuwa as one of their grandchildren.


I hope you are well and I hope the family of animals are also well. I think it is a beautiful thing, what you do, and we are so proud to have such a special and rare pumpkin in our home/family.


Thank you so much!


Take care,




L. DiSanto – ILL





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