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Draco & Wicca's Adventures

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OK, friends and family, I have to make a confession.....   We have been far, far too busy. How busy, you may well ask.   Glad you asked. We've been so busy, that for the first time ever, I cam

Haven't purchased the Chinese herbs, yet.   We've a vet appointment coming up and will ask then. If we get no direct assistance from our vet then I'll go direct.   There's nothing immediate pushi

I did a quick search but didn't find any references I may have made back over the last few years to a family we've met several times in Edmonds while walking Draco & Wicca.   Started back a whi

Posted Images

Consider that thirded!

So glad to see that everyone is doing so well and enjoying life as they should be.


That picture of Draco's 'look' is great.. I just got one of T today with a similar look, watching an airplane overhead.

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Grainy doesn't matter....unless you're entering some kind of contest....this is just great...catches the true spirit of the dogs....great job!


Right on!

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A few of you have been here and met our neighbor's female boxer, Ari. (Our neighbors are Jim & Meredith. Their daughter is Britany. Ari is actually Britany's) Britany & her boyfriend got another one. A male, Porter.


The other day Meredith brought both dogs over to introduce Porter and it all went very smoothly. (New puppy owners take note: these dogs are wonderful socializers.)


But that's not what I'm writing about.


I told Meredith that Draco turned 2 years old and she got one of those intriguing 1000-yard stares. She kind of sighed, came back into her body and said, "Only two years? It seems like Draco's been here forever."


Einstein, explaining relativity, said, "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. THAT's Relativity."


Live with one (or more) of these dogs for any length of time and it seems like forever.


Daco Looks At Me.jpg Draco Wicca Edmonds 2.jpg


And, new puppy owners, when we say it seems like forever, there are times when it seems like whatever is happening will never get over and there are times that you never want to get over.


The other evening, after an especially long & trying day, Joan was sitting on the floor with the dogs for the evening's "Wookie Warsongs". After a while, Joan just let out a big sigh and lay back on the rug. Draco & Wicca stopped gnawing on each other's faces and lay down on either side of Joan. Draco lay his head on Joan's leg on one side; Wicca took up a position at Joan's feet.


Joan whispered to me, "Toss me a pillow, I'm not moving until they do."


Draco\'s head on Joan\'s Leg.jpg


They lay there more than 30 minutes. What a beautiful softening of the day; moving into night. So quiet. So tender. So deep. So safe.


◊ Song Dogs.

◊ Spirit Dogs.

◊ Sentient Beings

◊ Ultimate Mutt (Ulti-Mutt)

◊ All of the Above



Welcome to all the new and soon to be puppy owners. Please regale us with stories; inundate us with photos.


And long-time owners will support you with ageless, timeless, priceless support.




March 1st. Where does the time go? (Any Deadheads catch the reference?)

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I love you guys.

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It's been a week. I'm so tired...but at the same time very happy. She's a bundle of kinetic energy, a soft & tender cuddler, a goofy zoomy induced maniacal runner, a voracious consumer of kibble, an attentive listener, a never ending torment to Ida, an eternal optimist about winning over the snarly & growly Ida, an inquisitive explorer, a ravenous chewer, a bold challenger, a meek supplicant, a defiant individual, a gleeful toebiter, a valiant trooper, an earnest friend, a standoffish snob, & a constant & never ending challenge.


She arrived on a Sunday & it's now Saturday morning & she's established herself as a member of the family although Ida still has some issues with her arrival as she'd much rather have us all to herself. Lili will not relent. She's been pawed, swiped, growled & snarled at, threatened, intimidated & bluffed into thinking that they're friends and all the while she just keeps coming back for more. She's a relentless greeter that will not accept not being accepted by Ida unconditionally. Ida knows that there's a new member of the family but she's still not sure about this one....they've had some play moments but mostly outside in the yard. In the house it's just snarlies & growlies...all the time. We've found this pretty tough to deal with but we realize that this is a process that we all have to go through in order to find the next level of relationship.


Ida taking exception to Lili's intrusion in cuddle time with Mama...

Cmon play!.jpg

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a rare moment of peace... :lol:



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She is a piece of work for sure...

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Love your avatar. You can see she's about to run off to the next order of business in her day.

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Yep- I remember those days. (fondly) (looking forward to doing it all over again one day soon.)

Mina had an adjustment period too, but when things finally thawed, and Jasper had his place in the family figured out- Mina would play with him.


One of my favorite moments captured on film

Cracks me up. All the toys, the sleeping puppy-J, and the "HA! I wore him out for ya Mom." grin on Mina's face.



You will wear out your camera/s with these pups. And when you do, your next one will have higher speed image capture and video capability! lol

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Another of Draco's & Wicca's "looks".


This is about their "Where's Mom?" look.


I've given Joan her own ring-tone on my cell phone. It's a nice little stretch of guitar riff from Jimi Hendrix. It starts out quietly and builds.


You get where I'm leading, right? Because it starts so quietly, the two dogs hear it a few seconds before I do. (My "hearing ear" dogs...") They are pretty good at differentiating between when she calls in the morning for business and when she calls around 2:30pm -- that means she's on her way home.


When the phone first rings, they typically run to Dogwood Hill.


Where\'s Mom 2.jpg



They almost always stay close physically to each other when they are looking for Mom.


Where\'s Mom 1.jpg



Kim told us that Wicca is a shy one. Sometimes it's hard to tell. And, sometimes you can see both her strength and her sensitivity in the depth of her eyes.


The next few pics have a couple of nice shots of Draco but are really about the close-ups of Wicca. I think these may be some of the clearest photos of Wicca we've gotten. The Sun was just right -- and both dogs held still for a relatively long time.


Wicca Closeup 1.jpg


Wicca Closeup 2.jpg


Wicca Closeup 3.jpg


Have a good Sunday, everyone.

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Draco loves to eviscerate. He loves to take straps of anything and get them on his back teeth. He'll roll his eyes back in his head in chewing-ecstasy as he slices through.


We try to provide him opportunities to exercise this passion, but when we don't he finds his own opportunities. Fortunately, based on his instinctual hunting abilities, it is almost always the weakest and oldest shopping bags that he separates from the rest of the stack to harvest.


Of course, Wicca has learned and eagerly participates.


In this case, only Draco is at the scene and so we have the pleasure of his purest "Wicca Helped" look.


Wicca Helped 2.jpg

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I love that they recognize the "Mom" ring tone.... ...Jimmy Hendricks, how perfect is that? :D Great shots of your pack, Gib. You have a pair of beautiful dogs. I totally agree, you CAN see the sensitivity in Wicca's eyes. What a sweetie. We need to find the "EYE" thread, and as Star suggested earlier, post some cropped close ups of the eyes so you can really see how many different expressions they have.

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when I took Lili in to meet the vet the other day he started asking all sorts of questions & was intrigued by the whole idea of the breed & everything. Normally they spend about 10-15 minutes with you unless there's a specific need to spend more time or you've got tons of questions (which I normally don't) but Jeremy (our vet) stuck around for almost a half hour with Lili....finally saying, "I've got to go now, really busy today but we'll talk more about this when you come in for the next set of shots in two weeks." It was pretty cool.

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Maybe "what do people say" should be a topic. I am curious to hear first responses from people when they meet the breed. It's cool Chinatola's vet was so intrigued. Too bad I don't know how to chop and move the question. I was wondering if people mistake Gib's dogs for malamutes or are just generally curious.

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I'll second the 'what do people say' topic for sure. I've been asked by all my friends leading up to our receiving Liliko'i into the family, 'what kind of dog are you getting'....everyone is taken aback by the answer....everyone.

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Here's the mug link- http://www.zazzle.com/5_american_indian_dog_questions_mug-168883491709593343?gl=ThingsKnown&rf=238610183385534069


It is my own personal vendor-store.

Same site that prints the AI Dog calendars for us.

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Had a weigh-in this morning.


Draco (2 years, 9 days) was 66 pounds.


Wicca (10 months, 12 days) was 42.6 pounds



Draco & Wicca.jpg

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