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Draco & Wicca's Adventures

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Thanks for the update Gib! Dog, pigs & people's are all looking good!

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Glad to see you back on board...been missing your stories with Draco and Wicca. :rolleyes:

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Watson,..... Hahahaha.


Love those photos of Draco sitting, surveying the yard.

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Has it really been four years since I’ve updated Draco & Wicca’s adventures?


To say we’ve been busy is an understatement.


And I write today with news that isn’t pleasant to pass along.


Draco has passed away from liver cancer.


Two weeks ago Draco, Wicca, Joan and I were running & frolicking off leash on the Washington coast.


A week ago, Draco stopped eating. Then, signs of lethargy. We went to our primary vet and she diagnosed pancreatitis but recommended that we have an ultrasound. We did and they found his liver mostly consumed by cancer and it had metastasized to his pancreas, spleen and lymph glands.


We couldn’t stand seeing him such a weakened condition; withering away in front of us.


He kept his bright spirit through it all but was exhausted, depleted. Had barely enough energy to go outside to pee; needed help standing.


Last Saturday we had a Compassion4Paws doctor come to our house for in-home euthanasia.


It was quiet, respectful and, well, compassionate. The Vet was sensitive and understanding.


Draco, as best we can tell, suffered no pain throughout the process. And, the outward progress happened so fast; so fast. For that we are profoundly thankful, but Wicca, Joan and I are kind of confused right now, the house seems empty and claustrophobic without Draco.


Without being too pessimistic or bitter sounding ….. this just sucks.


So, I’ll just add a bunch of random photos, cherished memories, from the last few years.


As has been said, “Every moment precious; every breath sacred.”


Love to you all.




Someone asked about having two dogs. It was right for us. Every situation is unique.


Draco literally reached out to Wicca from Day 1.


Day 1 I'll take care of you - small..jpg


Draco endured Wicca's puppyhood.

Vicious Wicca.jpg


They became interdependent. They each had their expertise and they figured out how to blend.


Draco & Wicca.jpg


Pup Pup

Draco Pickup Week-1.jpg


My pillow.

Draco Pillow.jpg



Draco conveyed so much through his looks....


Draco Look 1.jpg


Draco Look 2.jpg


Draco Looks At Me.jpg


Draco Red Eyes.jpg


He's hiding....


Draco hiding small.jpg


This is his last portrait. The Sun had come out and he wanted to lay in his favorite spot in front of the door. Right after we took this picture we began the end-of-life ritual. He wasn't quite 10 years old.


Draco Last Portrait Small.jpg


We found it difficult to be in the house, so we took Draco's dog tag across the Puget Sound to lay on Chief Seattle's grave marker. It is a sacred site. The altar is full of mementos representing prayers of loss and gain, health and pain, grief and joy. Many stories and prayers lifted up. A powerful place.


Chief Seattle's Grave Small.jpg

Edited by Gib
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A long sorrowful howl for your loss Gib & Joan.


I'm glad He was able to be active until close to the end and you have lots of memories with him.

Thank you for sharing the crossing ritual with us.

I'm really at a loss for words, I hope your, Joan's and Wicca's hearts lighten soon!

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Dear Gib and Joan,

Reading the adventures of Draco, always brought a light heart, smiles and laughter. Draco was a very special pup that, by your writing, loved those special adventures with you and Joan at the helm. I always looked forward to reading all about your latest escapades. On one hand, the news of your loss of Draco brings such sorrow to my heart as your adventures are changing, while on the other hand, the happiness of knowing he is on a new exciting adventure. As Chief Seattle is quoted....."There is no death, only a change of worlds." I pause for thought on this new adventure he is experiencing. I know it is a great one that cannot be explained until we join our loved ones on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


Tolinka, Two Step, Rain and I beat the buffalo drum, danced and howled for Dreco upon hearing your news. We wish you peace, sunshine, and laughter with your thoughts and memories of your great dog Draco.

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My heart breaks for you. Ten is not long enough.


He lives on in all of your memories, may the fondest ones come drifting back when they are most needed.

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My heart is aching for you. The trip across the rainbow bridge is never easy for those left behind. I always loved reading your updates, and am thankful they are eternalized here so we can re-read them

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Gib and Joan,


I am not on the forum often, and only just started reading through your posts only to read this latest and end deeply saddened by your loss.


Thank you for all that you have shared on this forum and my heart is with you and your family during this difficult time. These dogs are truly special, and so spiritual. Much love to you all.

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Gib, thanks for sharing that tribute...it was epic as I'm sure Draco was based on our shared knowledge of him and Wicca through the boards. I share Molly's comment about your posts always bringing a joy to our board adventures and I have to admit that I've been 'off boards' for quite sometime myself so it's good to hear from you again although tinged with sorrow in difficult circumstances.


Julie mentioned this morning that she still misses Elsy (our black lab-mix who's passing led us to Liliko'i) and we had a few minutes of smiles and giggles over Elsy's memories and I can only hope that you, Joan & Wicca can quickly arrive at that place of wistful smiles and grand memories instead of the grief and pain that is so close at this point in time. Trust that Draco won't be far from you in spirit.

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