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Tehya Finds A New Home

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Hard to believe that is the same dog! So glad she found you.

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Thanks guys.

She has come a long way.




Don't get me wrong, she is far from perfect (who is?) and has a long way to go until she is fully 'integrated' into domestic life in our home... She confounds me occasionally with odd behavior - stemming from her ignorance, I'm sure. Just the other day I had to gently but firmly explain to her that

"No, you can't stand on the end table to look out the window.

Yes, I'm sure the view is great. Yes, I know the cat does it all the time.

But no, he doesn't weight close to 40 lbs. Yes, I am firm in my resolve, no you can't stand on tables to look out windows."


We also have a firm "No romping on the furniture" rule so no one gets thrown off or into other furniture (think bed/dresser-corners) so no one gets badly hurt. And we have had to enforce "Safe-Zones" for the cat- Harley, because they get to romping so much and a bit roughly. He can take it pretty well, and will defend himself without too much bloodshed. I just want him to know he has a few places he can go to get away from the fracas- so it stays that way.


I am still molding her fear of other dogs as well. I am (or should I say 'We are') working hard to not allow it to escalate into aggression. She still has a LONG way to go before she is comfortable around strange dogs, but has shown huge improvement over the last couple months. Yay. She is comfortable enough with dogs she is somewhat familiar with- to actually turn her back to them, or run across in front of them while playing at the dog park. Her biggest passion right now is the chase-bark game with other dogs that are chasing/fetching balls. lol

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I know that game. Coyo did that, and now Sitka is doing that.

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Here is the chase-bark game she plays with dogs she is comfortable with...


Enjoy (Allison in particular-)


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"You don't need coffee. It's that last thing you need."




Look at Tehya playing and chasing other dogs! She was at the front then the farthest out, then back at the front! What a change. What a total change.


I wish I had filmed my boys trying to coax her out to play. Oh! Now she'll give them such a run for their money. They will both be panting! Looks like she could run them into the ground!

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She is faster than Jasper! :)

(much to his consternation.. lol)


Once she gets to know strange dogs, she is willing to give them a chance, unless they try to chase her. That is still a bit too much yet. It still triggers her fear-response. But her moments of panic are getting shorter and shorter. And she has learned to come to me, and I will make the big scary dog stop chasing her.


She has been intermittently hanging out with these 2 dogs for months. They show little or no inclination to try to chase/catch her, so they are ok in her mind.. lol

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I love when Jasper gets the ball.....watch his back legs putting on the breaks when he gets it. :) Perfect!

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Newest update-

Tehya began playing with Cayenne, a lovely ShiloX Yr.old pup


She would bark, and Cayenne would run and Tehya would chase, then Cayenne would turn around, and Tehya would run away.

Cayenne seemed to know Tehya was only able to handle a certain amount of being the chasee- and would stop after only 10-20 feet and then let Tehya chase her again :lol:

This game went on for about 15-20 minutes, with breaks while Cayenne kept trying to dig her ball out of a hole.. LOL


She is making such progress. I am so proud of her! :D



Oh- and she did her first actual Jump-Catch of a flying ball the other day too!

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