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Broken Alpha- (and Some Training)

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Thanks guys!


I plan to add 'installments' every day or 3


Today's thought: When you are teaching your dog something new, like "sit," Do NOT use the word sit, at first. Sounds crazy- I know, but they don't know what the word means, and until you can illicit the correct behavior, you are only teaching them that the word means things other than to put your backside on the ground. Best to learn to anticipate when and how you can get them to sit on their own, and give them a treat for doing it. Then, after a few dozen times you can consistently do that, THEN add a physical signal- hand sign or some such right before they sit, Rinse/Repeat another dozen times- stretching the time delay by tiny increments. When you have a consistent sit to hand signal, add the word. R/R the delay of the Word before the hand signal, and watch the magic. They will learn to anticipate your wanting them to sit when they hear the word, and will do it easily.


I tested this method on JJ, works Fabulously. No butt shoving, no 'manhandling' him into the position, no treat luring. He just sits.


I am using this method almost exclusively now, and I have a wonderful problem-solving thinking dog. Yay!

Taught him 2 new tricks yesterday using this method. To stand on a board with all 4 feet, and a new move for Freestyle Frisbee. And, after only a dozen or so repetitions, he is pretty solid on them both now.

For the sake of safety, I'm teaching my Noquisi to sit whenever he sees a moving vehicle. He's almost there. He'll sit when I tell him to, but he's 75% at an automatic sit when he sees moving vehicles. I don't want him to get the idea he can chase after cars or motorcycles. He's also at an automatic sit on recall. He's supposed to sit next to my feet, but he sits on my feet! lol

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