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Picure Of Peyote,lily And Littlestar

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just a picture.


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She answers that very well here


Talk about a family photo.....

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just a picture.

Gea, just to let you know, I do have an A.I.D. Maybe I should introduce myself on here. I used to be on the forum a while back but I know you have so many new members.


I'm Mercedes, aka, Mercy, and James is my husband. We live in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, which is in the Sonoran Desert. We have three dogs, soon to have four. I will be getting Sky Spirit, a white cream Indian dog that is done with breeding now. I will have her in my pack soon. I'm the luckiest person on earth. I can't wait.

Littlestar is an American Indian Dog, and she is dam proud of it, as are we, and I'm the rep for the dogs in this area. I don't do all that much though, it's practically impossible to round up these mellow folks out here, esp. in the summer.

Lily is the second in line in the pack, she's the Stumpy, we got her as a companion to Littlestar when she was about 6 months old, we rescued her, and she's a great dog.

Cyrus is the newest addition, he's a Xolo mix, a mexican hairless and have been told he's got peruvian in him, he's a mix though, has a body a little too stocky, all twenty pounds of him, to be a pure Xolo, but I'm not sure. Later I heard some are stocky. He was dumped at a shelter and extremely negleted and abused. He used to actually have nightmares when we first go him and he'd shake, literally, for hours. He'd wake up in a panic in his sleep. Now he has regular dog dreams where he moves his legs running and woofs in his sleep.

His breed is also rare and primitive, NOT AKC, and as a breed there are a lot of political problems. But they are so different that an A.I.D., although they do have some similar things, like to bond with one person, etc. I think they are sighthounds.

They say the xolos have a lot of health issues and I think they do but he has none so far. He's tough but how tough can he be, he has no hair and he's pretty small, and a bit timid in temperment, but they accept him, Littlestar doesn't pay him much mind, but takes care of him when he needs it. He's a charactor. We were all afraid of him when we first got him, he was so different.

He needed a home and someone asked me to take him and I'm glad I did.


As far as the A.I.D. dogs, I'm totally hooked, my beloved breed. We have a big back yard but hike the dogs in the mountains and take them to the dog park. Well my husband does, I hate the dog park.

My dog Peyote is no longer with us, she died about 8-9 months ago, and I'm just still heartbroken.

So that's my story.

nice to meet you all.


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Great picture

Thanks, Elize,

I don't know you. I would love it if you could introduce yourself to me when you have time.

thanks, Mercy

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