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1. This forum exists solely for the enjoyment and benefit of IIDOBA members and specified guests. Official policy, ethics, and membership applications and issues with the IIDOBA can be found at the official website at IIDOBA

2. IIDOBA membership is required to participate in this forum, and is actively encouraged. Membership information can be found at the official IIDOBA Site, http://www.iidoba.org.

3. It is the intent of this forum to facilitate, in a positive manner, the dissemination of information, discussion, and public interest into the the finest of canines, the American Indian Dog.

4. Civility and respect are paramount and expected toward other members at all times. This is the key rule for this forum. Differences of opinion can be respectfully made. Admin and Moderators have the sole discretion to determine when someone is not following this rule, as well as to remove any post at any time.

5. While adult language and other content are not monitored, no comments or content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted are allowed. Especially crude sexual content may be removed or altered to acceptable and even nonsensical verbage.

6. Spamming and non-approved advertising of any kind are not allowed.

7. Harrassment and cyber-stalking are not allowed

8. Do not post anything that can be construed as advocating physical harm to any public official or public figure, or the overthrow of the U.S. government. Such posts will be removed.

9. Repeated failure to comply with rules 1-8 will likely result in revoking of the posting privileges.

10. Members should report questionable or offending posts to the Moderators or Admins.

11. Threats, as preceived by the moderators, against any forum member, will be dealt with harshly. Penalties will include immediate cessation of ALL forum previleges.

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