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Malinois In China

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If you guys start doing this with your AIDogs (Coyo would have loved it!), someone is going to have to cart all these contraptions to one of the Gatherings, and give us a demo.

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I think its funny china looks like chicago.


Judah would climb trees like that when he had 4legs. Also would do the run up a tennis court fence.


I'll say though that the only thing I like more thena watching parkour/free running (like opening scene of casino royale)...


is doggie parkour! I got Shelby late in the game so she hasn't shown alot of desire to jump things but I am watching this real neat video a friend lent me about building drive and focus so mayb's I can teach an older dog new tricks....She does however have that kind of energy.

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Hey can I borrow that DVD when you're done! Bwahahaha glad it's getting around! I feel like I'm getting my money out of it. Pass it forward to anyone who you know may want to see it. Just keep my name on it somehow so it will eventually find it's way home.


Let me know how it works for you. One thing I took away from the video was the Into My Arms training. Bella has a bad habit of dropping the disc to far away from me. So I use that to get her closer to me.


Also as a follow up to my using the Dominant Dog Collar . I thought it was better than the flat collar and the choke collar I have. However, on walks I have reverted back to using the Gentle Leader. It provides us with the smoothest walk and requires less correction on my part. it's self correcting so she maintains a better position to me the whole time. With the other collars she didn't seem to mind the pressure on her neck and would constantly be at the end of the lead wanting just a little bit more. But I still keep the flat collar on her so when we are standing around talking to someone or watching a training class I will move the lead to the flat and remove the gentle leader otherwise she will rub her nose on me or the ground trying to remove the nose loop. Also if I have to tie her up to go into a store I would use the flat collar. If we are moving the GL works well for us.


Just thought I would let you know since we had previously chatted about it.



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I'd love to see the vid, and appreciate your thoughts on switching collars. That is what I have found works for us, but it is cumbersome for some people to have to change and switch.

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We are in same boat here too. I got the Dominant dog collar and it works - but we went on a long hike the other weekend and she did still pull to the end of it - I also keep a ruff wear flat collar on her just for some granola style bling bling - I switch out to that while we are at rest or chillin or skateboarding.


I felt for training I will prob wanna try the prong collar she respond real well to it - never tried a gentle leader tho


will do on the vids allison you can be next...Bwahahaha

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