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Cultural Predjudices Become Slanderous Hoax

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My dog is 7 and 1/2 years old, and we met Kim the year before. Through these 8 and 1/2 years, I've seen breeders come and go. People who said they would like to help him, and people who ended up using him, his hard earned research, his articles, and even taking dogs, his dogs, without paying. I've seen him called "a bloody red nigger", I have seen his life threatened, and I've seen many horrible abuses that lie somewhere between these two things, by the people who call him a hoax.


Yes, It's true. He is the only one breeding these dogs now. And is it any wonder, when the others he trusted, started breeding fathers to daughters, brothers to sisters, and then breeding in Huskies or whatever was handy, just to make a buck or a Euro?


We have much evidence of falsified papers, from the many unhappy people who fell prey to these grifters. The latest crime, is someone posing as the perfect potential owner, just to get a pup, who then turned the pup over to someone who wishes to breed these dogs. Someone who would not have been given a dog. It's outrageous!


And why do these people do these things? Because Kim's dogs are the best. They are the ones who exhibit the characteristics and temperament, who bear the markings, and have the genetics, that are The American Indian Dog®.




The hoaxers talked about "the Kimunists". This made me laugh. They said he had started a cult!


But if you read through his website, and through our forum, how can you not be impressed with the level of volunteer work that he inspires? All that you see is volunteer--every page, and this forum. This is NOT the legacy of a con man. We volunteer our time, our energy, and our money, to help this dedicated and selfless soul, who gives up his personal comforts to afford to maintain these dogs--these pieces of history.


Once again, it is all on his shoulders to protect and preserve this breed. And we, the owners and members of the IIDOBA, stand by him, gladly.

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Allison, what has prompted this post?





Yes I'm wondering too!


How can decent breeders knock what Kim is trying to do, at our last camp people were coming up to see Shunka as they remembered the beautiful dog that we had brought before.


There was a great deal of talk of the way 'pedigree'dogs are bred purely for money, and the mess they have made of the breeds by trying to exaggerate supposedly 'good' points.

This has led to King Charles Spaniels with heads too small for their brains, they are then going mad from the pressure, pugs, bulldogs and similar breeds have had the noses so pushed back they can't breathe. Apparently there was a programme about it on the BBC. So I told them all about the way our dogs are bred, and what good care is taken to ensure their continued good health. Most people were very impressed and could now see the good sense of this type of breeding programme.


I suppose it is a type of flattery that people are taking such extremes to get our dogs, and other people are so jealous that they can only try to knock a good thing down.


We know and respect what Kim is trying to do, as far as I know, only Skye and Storm have bred in the UK, Sarah has been very careful who has had the pups, and is still in touch with everyone.


If anyone else is breeding AIDs also in the UK I don't know of it.


There are a lot of people breeding innuit dogs as wolf-like dogs, and this is mostly for

money too


I was out walking with Shunka when we met a friend walking a friends labrador, Shunka decided he like this one even though it is male. This had been a rescue dog, the original owners had locked Jake in a wc for a month and he had never been let out, he was rescued by the RSPCA.


Obviously the breeder hadn't really cared about the new owners and really checked them out, but just took the money and didn't care less.

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As you know, this part of the forum is public. There are some people who have launched a campaign against Kim, in order to discredit him.


Of course they still use his research!


Anyway, we are using the public part of the forum to respond. As I said, the latest injury is some people who have taken a pup, after signing the agreement to spay and neuter, and have given it to someone who intends to breed it--with who or what we can only guess. They imagine they have been very clever. I think they are pitiful.



If people want a hybrid or mix, there is no problem, but dogs are being sold, as American Indian Dogs--a registered trademark, when it is obvious that they are not. People then come to us, and expect Kim to register their dog, when of course, he cannot.


Some (especially the hybrids) are not trainable. Some are not even well! The stories will break your heart.


I know some of the words I quoted were shocking. You can imagine, how shocked Kim was. But we have kept quiet for so long, taken the high road, while these individuals have been publicly saying all sorts of things about Kim, and privately threatening him.


He has removed people from his breeding program, put a notice on his website---nothing more. He has not said why they were removed, he has not besmirched their names. So why do they feel it so necessary to hurt him?



He has been asked why he hasn't responded publicly, why he is the only breeder, if he is a hoax....?


I don't need to go on, as you've probably read the other pieces we've written concerning these issues.


We hope they will read what we've written, and stop.



To you, the perpetrators, I say:


Call your dogs something else---start your own breed, and leave Kim and his dogs alone. It's that simple.

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I'm sorry Kim's going through this.


I found Song Dog Kennels from a wolf dog forum I go to one of the members on it that was discussing the AID said this is a great site to learn about it and I agree it is a great site and this forum is great too.


Some of the members also said lot of wolf dog breeders are trying to pass their wolf dogs as AID due to recent laws making it illegal to sell wolves and wolf mixes.


Sad there are breeders like this.


What Kim is doing is awesome I love Indian culture and their dogs are just as much as part of their culture too and I loved finding out there's someone breeding to keep the AID alive.


Sorry things like this is going on. =\

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My heart is saddened by what I have just read. The perpetrators of this inexcusable breach of trust and honor is disgraceful. Their energy is black, crooked, bleak, and they are not worthy of the space they take up in this world. (they are doing no better than the practice of whoring the dogs) They are not only being disrespectful to Kim, but scamming the unsuspecting people they are selling their pups to. How awful to think you are getting the true AID and find out that you have just purchased the "out-law." A triple breech in trust!


There are 14,848 people registered on this forum that believe in Kim's breeding program and his American Indian Dogs. I just wonder if the "Mothers" of these perpetrators know what they are doing. (Another handful of breeches) Do they realize that they are being dishonorable and a huge disappointment with in their own families? I would be humiliated if I found that any of my children, children's children, or friends were behaving in this distasteful manor.


Kim is one of the most honorable men I have ever met in my long life. His life's work with these dogs is out of his pure love and devotion to the history and culture of the American Indian Dog.


Regardless of what these disrespectful people do, in the long run, Kim will come out on top, his American Indian Dog will survive the attempts of defamation these people are trying to place on the dogs and Kim.


I'm with you Allison, I say to these thoughtless, selfish and insecure people, "go find and name your OWN breed, and leave Kim and his dogs alone!" Stop being the bully and start respecting yourself and do what is right for once in your life.


The end! :D

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I am just sick to my stomach just reading this.....these dogs are just amazing and one of a kind and Kim has done so much for this breed to continue on.....I just want to know how they would feel if someone took their children and made different nationalities mate with them to make a "certain kind of people". I'm being blunt here....but really the principal of it is the same!

That fact that Kim has removed them from his breeding program and put a notice on his website and nothing more, says alot about his character!!! He doesn't need to explain anything it's all in the Song Dog Kennels website and anyone who owns one of these dogs and truly loves them will understand that they are truly a gift and Kim has given each of us an amazing gift! THANK YOU KIM!!! Keep up the good work and know that anything good in this life people will try to ruin! All of us who truly love these dogs have faith and trust in what you do and respect you for all you do!!! Please continue what you are doing and try not to think about those who are undermining your goodness!!!

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Firstly, I have sent your comments on to Kim. I know he will be pleased.



Secondly, that original post was two years ago, and at the height of our very long fight against these people.


In these two years, we've come a long way. With the help of great owners, and this forum, we've been able to stop the public libel against Kim.


They still use his research, but it becomes more obvious, everyday, that they are plagiarizing.

At every stage, the owners have rallied around him, giving their time, their wisdom, and their money, to help in this fight. I cannot imagine another breeder who inspires such fierce loyalty.


Thanks to all of you owners, who continue to educate the public, to the many researchers and professionals who have helped, and to the Native people who knew the dogs, and know what Kim has been up against, and to the Tahltan breeders, who have worked long and hard to try and save their breed, and have joined with Kim to save all their bloodlines.


It has been an honor help Kim in his life's work, and to do our part to save these dogs.


This is a part of history. It is about saving history for future generations.

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