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Racing In Jacksonvill

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hi guys, i made it to the usa again this month to check out some more racing there

there was this new indiandog Nicodemus, wow he looks like my kaya and is he a runner,we got him used to the boxes and the lure and he made 6 practise runs, so so much fun, hope he will be back in februari again.

scoops and tola raced too ofcourse and did great, wel enjoy the pics











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Is that white sand they are running on? If it is, that's pretty cush. Must feel good on the paws.

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Is the track solely for dogs? No Horses?

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I don't know what the quarantine laws are in Florida, but is there any chance you might be taking Kaya? You must be itching to try her out against some seasoned racers.

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That is good it's a dog track--I was thinking of the Equine flu problems that they've been having with racing dogs. Hope it's less prevalent where dogs and horses don't mix, but I don't know that for sure.


That would be fantastic to take Kaya Kiani! Love to see that.


Say hi to Elizabeth and Nicodemus for me--she quite nice, don't you think?

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