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Found 4 results

  1. Time really flies, doesn't it? It's been 8 years (and 9.5 weeks) since I pulled this scraggly scrappy little pup out of his crate at the airport (all hopes of a fairy tale beginning soon dashed when he immediately ignored me in favor of the blowing leaves around my feet). His puppy days were sweet but fleeting, for even at a young age his soul felt a thousand years old. He is, without a doubt, the absolute best dog I have had or will ever have. He is the one I lean on when I myself need strength, impossibly calm in every situation. He is a benevolent leader of dogs - he neither submits
  2. http://www.iidoba.org/forums/uploads/monthly_10_2012/post-3-0-77829200-1349101910.jpg Willow (Summer Road Trip) Owners: Janessa and Chris Daniel of Auburn, Al.
  3. Okay guys! It's getting close to crunch time with planning and saving up money for our Gypsy Adventure! I am looking for cities to go, and things to do as well. Willow will be on the trip with me, (obviously) so anywhere that is dog-friendly is preferred! This is my city list so far; Biloxi Ms- Houston Tx- Austin Tx- Sonora Tx- Amarillo Tx- Roswell Nm- Las Cruces Nm- Tuscon Nm- Phoenix Nm- Flagstaff Nm- then into California. Any ideas would be great!
  4. http://www.iidoba.org/forums/uploads/monthly_02_2012/post-3-0-77364900-1328479811.jpg The lovely Willow Owners: Janessa and Chris Daniel of Auburn, Al.
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