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Found 2 results

  1. Just a little update on Chepi since it has been a while. She got her spay about a month ago and things went well, but unfortunately she is now a little shy to go in the car hahah. I am certain she will work through it as she has been very adaptive through her little anxieties. She is a very reactive dog to newcomers and especially neighbors, just a bit protective of my husband and I but not aggressive in the least bit. She welcomes attention from anyone and everyone with an unyeilding excitement haha but I am hoping as she gets older this will calm. She has gotten much better with her mann
  2. well me and the boys were suppose to move to our forever home May 1 in NC house packed all the stress and at the last day everything fell through trying to get some norm back in our lives still trying to move looking for a rental now . Snake had surgery in September to remove his spleen because of tumors. Malachi met his little brother Nakoma cute as all well that's it don't ask for pics mine are too big for this site and I have to down load some on my computer thank you
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