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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I just have a minute to post and Tayamni, who is great on leash - has an almost total disregard for me off leash. She is 15 months old now. At 11 months I finally got her to come part way to me in the dog park - at least she'll change direction and head in my direction. It's a start ..... In the backyard she makes it known it is her decision that she is listening to me. In a large area she thinks ear shot is a good distance and if I haven't called before she's out of range - "Oh well". She's a very independent thinker and I do marvel when I can watch her eye movements (in the
  2. I found this by accident on the World Wide Web. She is NOT talking about AI Dogs and yet her 5 tips are worth the font they are typed in! http://www.themoderndogtrainer.net/training-primitive-dogs/
  3. Hey guys! 'It's been really hectic here so I haven't been able to make as many updates as I would like but here's to Kybers journey as our second pup. I have to say I was very fortunate in this batch of pups, as the one I had my eyes on was chosen for us! Which is honestly just luck considering a picture doesn't tell you anything about personality really. I'm going to give a quick rundown of the process for us this time like I did with Chepi. I had originally planned to fly out again but things in Florida have been crazy as many of you know, so we decided to have the pup shipped this tim
  4. Hi All! Well in October we got out X-back harnesses http://www.neewadogs.com and lines to start training for the cooler weather to do some Urban Mushing. We are keeping initial training sessions to 5 - 10 minutes, akin to puppy training since this is something totally new for them (and me too!) I got lucky that literally 3 blocks away is the warehouse for Neewa harnesses so was able to go and try on different types of pulling harnesses to see which adjusted and fit the best for each dog. 10 minutes turned into a couple hours and WELL worth it! I've been emailing and lookin
  5. Just checking in! We have had so much change and I don't have time to catch up completely right now but I'll go through a few things here to catch every one up to speed. Chepi has completed all the level 1 and 2 training and it is getting time to start making her training more complex and specialized. We we have found out that she is great with puppies and other dogs, has great manners (bowing, playing). My trainer liked her so much we would bring her in to teach other puppies how to socialize! We bought a house! 🎉 It was a long journey for us but the house is beautiful. We hav
  6. Wyot is going on 6 months now, and while he is generally well behaved, smart etc., he has his moments when all bets are off. The frustration of being ignored, the jumping up on a person or us, despite repeated gentle pushing down without looking at him. You know, the drill, they get kooky, have their own agenda if off leash, out of control excited barking, zooming around and won't listen to anything you say.!!! Well, today, his change in attitude was monumental. All it took was a simple time out! I've ignored him before when behavior was not where I wanted it to be...but he still didn't q
  7. Just a little update on Chepi since it has been a while. She got her spay about a month ago and things went well, but unfortunately she is now a little shy to go in the car hahah. I am certain she will work through it as she has been very adaptive through her little anxieties. She is a very reactive dog to newcomers and especially neighbors, just a bit protective of my husband and I but not aggressive in the least bit. She welcomes attention from anyone and everyone with an unyeilding excitement haha but I am hoping as she gets older this will calm. She has gotten much better with her mann
  8. So my husband and I are on a list for a pup and we live on a 9 acre ranch. I wanted to get some training tips for teaching the pup to stay on our land and not wander off too far.
  9. As if we didn't know it already, these dogs are SMART! Friday night I drove up to meet my Mom and sister and we had a quick bite to eat at Wendy's before I was on my way back home. Tayamni goes for rides with me a lot and lays in the back seat. She waits in the car if it's not a dog friendly restaurant. I gave Tayamni some snacks but didn't feed her before leaving home as she and the cats would be fed when I got back home. This is normal protocol. What happened next was a shocking revelation! Mom brought me some gluten-free New England clam chowder from a restaurant ne
  10. I had a big problem with my dog Danza; she started off great at recall and slowly stopped listening. I tried all of the usual techniques, did a ton of reinforcement, worked with her on-leash and off; the works, as I knew them. I tried to follow Kim's advice to leave her somewhere, but never thought of a place safe enough for that. I ended up putting her on a 50 foot lead and letting it just trail behind her. If I called her and she started running away, I stepped on the end. She did not like that. She got better and better, and soon was happily bounding towards me when I called - that'
  11. I started a new job and brought some stress home. Also it's been a hard winter so the critters are coming "too close" to the house, too often per my GSDs in search of food (lately it's a noisy possum, owls and "other foreign deer" that don't belong). Finally the coyotes are getting too close and noisy. Plus our neighbor seems to think now is the time for plenty of target practice. All this has been causing some barkathons in my house and upsetting the calm. The impact to the pack is unacceptable, so I found this lovely book http://www.amazon.com/Talking-Terms-Dogs-Calming-Signals/dp/1929242360
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