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Found 4 results

  1. Hey y'all! Mom got Smm action shots of me while I was a playin'! Here's me with my BFFs, I don't know where Coffey is, he should have been her fur this pic ..... he can be such a brat Mom caught me hangin with my newest crush, im picky bout who i play with It almost looks like my little brother from the back %%%%% I had to look at the picture twice Smmm people say were cousins but i call him my little brother he acts like a little brother anyway Coffey is chewing on a stick thing I think I want it watch me go!!!!!! I got even more moves
  2. I would love for Xochitl to play and meet any other AIDogs in the area (Austin, Texas) - but not sure how many people are around Central Texas. I know there are a few and I know there are some in the Dallas area but thought that I would put feelers out. * wave *
  3. I haven't got a video of it, but is it normal for dogs to play like gladiators? (Ok, I know what you are thinking - minus the weapons and the garb!) Tayamni & Roger aren't running and playing as much as chest bumping and play fighting? They are definitely playing but it is rough, especially because Roger is fully developed (mature dog) and Tayamni is still growing. We try to get them to run and play but they do this more than not, so we limit it to 5 - 10 minutes a couple times a day. I'm glad Roger is only 21 - 23 pounds and Tayamni will be taller than him and close to his
  4. Tayamni is almost 16 weeks old now, A couple weeks ago she began the leap up on me out of no where when I sitting down in the living room. (She sees the cats do this and get attention). She has not been allowed on the furniture and started sitting on the furniture about the same time. (Of course the cats are on the furniture - as they are animals that prefer different levels, especially heights). Roger, my sisters NON-AID, jumps up on the couch whenever we are not home - he doesn't even wait until I am out of the driveway and there is his head in the window. Tayamni is crate
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