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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Everyone - I'd like to introduce you to my new AI pup, Darmok. Darmok is nearly 10 weeks old now and nearly 15 pounds! He's been home with me now for about 2 weeks and is just a bundle of energy. He has mostly housetrained himself and rarely has any sort of accident. He even runs down the stairs and sits at the back door barking when he needs to go out. We are working on several "nots", not biting, not running off with my boots, not carrying the broom out of the kitchen to where ever he thinks it should be. I am a disabled Veteran and Darmok will be my Service Dog when he i
  2. Welcome Loralee in Oregon and her new pup.
  3. mrotko

    Gassy Dog

    Hi Everybody. Our AI dog is awesome and stinky. We've fed her 2 types of dry food now, Live Free and now Nature's Logic. Both grain free and all natural ingredients, etc. Problem is her stinky gas, it's killing me. We'll probable go raw or 1/2 raw but I'm wondering if you have found any foods that don't cause gas? Thank you Megan
  4. Here is an email that Oso White Bear sent to me and asked that I post for him....
  5. Quote from Kim LaFlamme - That name will probably work out … I will look it up once you have her, if I were you I would wait until she is with you to pick a name. Got some pix today & here’s the booking info., Arlene was on the phone almost all day on hold with Delta. The only flights available, means I have to get up at 2:00 in the morning … FUN! Please let me know when she arrives & how she is & as soon as possible send me a picture of your family holding your new pup – thanks – she is on the far right of each pic. Very sensitive & sweet, she will take awhile to adjust t
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and anticipating a new puppy. We're in Chicago and though ideally would get out to OR to pick up our pup, because of timing, I'm wondering about the shipping option. What do you know about this? Do they drug the animals for this, is it traumatic? Kim has said that it's fine, but I'm wondering what you all think. Also, what about flying with the puppy in a carrier on the plane? Thanks for any advice. Megan
  7. I've only been on the Forum for 3 years but it seems to me that The Puppy Class of 2014 is unique. First due to some unusual circumstances it seemed it took a very long time for this class to form and then POW it was a puppy boom. Many new owners have lent their voices in support of each other and I hope there will be some lasting friendships of puppy parents. At some point, when you are ready to say something to the next generation and before it gets hazy in the memory I hope you will come to this page and answer a few burning questions: I hope you will pass on what you have learned t
  8. I haven't got a video of it, but is it normal for dogs to play like gladiators? (Ok, I know what you are thinking - minus the weapons and the garb!) Tayamni & Roger aren't running and playing as much as chest bumping and play fighting? They are definitely playing but it is rough, especially because Roger is fully developed (mature dog) and Tayamni is still growing. We try to get them to run and play but they do this more than not, so we limit it to 5 - 10 minutes a couple times a day. I'm glad Roger is only 21 - 23 pounds and Tayamni will be taller than him and close to his
  9. Hi to all! We've been avid readers of the forum, but have yet to post. We brought Townes Silver Heels, 11 wks old, from Jay + Ice's late September litter, home on Saturday! He was a prince on the car ride home, sleeping most of the way and rousing to nuzzle or be loved sporadically. After the nine hour drive however, was another story... The wild man was loose, and all of the new sights and sounds of his new house kept him wide awake and a little crazy for the rest of the awake time of the night. Bitey! Lots of chasing and nipping and pants attacks. We gently replaced with ok toys as alternati
  10. Diz


    Our new pup Drogon has been home for about a day. Already I am amazed by how quickly he learns. Kim truly selected the perfect pup for us. He's the calmest, cleverest dog I have ever met. And he's just over 7 weeks old. I swear he's part wizard. He's started his own blog. We watched the rain from the porch for awhile. My jute turtle needed more chewing. Now jute turtle and Drogon are friends. The one thing that concerns me is that he howls like he is being murdered as soon as I close the door to his crate. We have an open wire one. He did great in it on th
  11. Hi Everybody! We are so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our little family! His name is Chips and we couldn't love him more. His mom was Peyote and his dad was Cisco. Everyday has been an adventure with this little guy, and we can't wait for more to come. We discovered over the days that he is headstrong and anything but submissive (we're working on that!) - though it seems in the last day he started to recognize at least Atticus' as the alpha, hopefully I'll get there soon too! He is adventurous and quickly mastered the stairs with no fear, he keeps us laughing with
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