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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, sorry for the delay. life got a little crazy. fractured my finger badly. son diagnosed with additional co-morbid disorders (Khya helps!), of course, work, etc. Our Khya had a stubborn case of gardia followed by what the vet initially thought was a vag infection but eventually turned out to be crystals in the urine and PH way too high - too much protein. No more pig ears, or salmon or duck. Thank you to Greg for all my worried texts and calls. Everything is back to normal now, thankfully. She's had final shots yesterday, and after the speech vet gave I fully expected her to p
  2. Sage could not wait any longer, she was about to burst at the seams. She is doing well and we are still unsure of the total number of pups at this point. Stay tuned.
  3. Hi Guys, Quick note, been house of sickness. First my son, now me. Must grin and bear it and plow through work with antibiotics and early to bed. Khya is pretty much potty trained. Much to the amazement of my dogwalker. She loves her ice cubes, stuffies, human feet, biting hair when you are sleeping. Does not love the leash, but we are working on it. Has her crazy half hour before bedtime. Sleeps through the night (most of the time) She is also known as the best escape artist in my friend's dog walking business: Have a laugh. (you may have copy the link into browser or s
  4. Hi Guys, We made it. People at Buffalo Baggage Claims were awesome & fell all over themselves with our baby. Holding her for a cuddle and admiring her beauty. She did seem a little stressed, abit overwhelming I'm sure. My son wrapped her in a warm blanket and carried her to the car. Mom acted like the Sherpa & lugged everything else. LOL She was awesome. Cried LOUDLY on highway - we pulled over. She did her business, ran around abit and back in the car. She did NOT want back in the carrier, so fell asleep with my son. More coming - but had a very good night.
  5. Alright first Puppy Update Post! We were in contact with Kim about these wonderful dogs for over a year and finally got to meet our new little girl on July 8th of this year. My fiance and I drove all the way out to Lake Selmac from Minnesota to attend Kim and Greg's annual gathering, meet other AID owners, and pickup our puppy. The anticipation of meeting our new puppy made the first half of the drive go very fast. Up until meeting all three little pups, we had no idea which puppy Kim had chosen for us. However, when we first met Kim upon arrival, he assured me he had the perfect li
  6. Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels is happy to announce the arrival of a litter of puppies from Little Bird X Tonto. Little Bird and her pups are all doing well. Stay tuned for more information and pictures. Little Bird Tonto
  7. Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels is happy to announce the arrival of a small litter of puppies. The first time mother is Wind Walker (Wendy) and the father is Tonto. Wendy and her puppies are doing well. The other first time mother also had a small pre-mature litter which unfortunately (sad to say) did not make it. Rarely does this happen. Since we announced two confirmed pregnancies, we wanted to let those on the waiting list know what happened. The mother is doing fine and should be fine to have other litters in the future. Stay tuned for pictures and updates, as we do have more
  8. Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels are announcing the arrival of a litter of puppies from Buffalo Girl (Buff) X Tonto. This is an early announcement so there will be more information and pictures soon.
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