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Found 23 results

  1. Hey y'all! Mom got Smm action shots of me while I was a playin'! Here's me with my BFFs, I don't know where Coffey is, he should have been her fur this pic ..... he can be such a brat Mom caught me hangin with my newest crush, im picky bout who i play with It almost looks like my little brother from the back %%%%% I had to look at the picture twice Smmm people say were cousins but i call him my little brother he acts like a little brother anyway Coffey is chewing on a stick thing I think I want it watch me go!!!!!! I got even more moves
  2. Was leaving to go to an out of state DR visit. This was hard to leave .... Tayamni knows how to work it
  4. Ahhhh! I stumbled upon two online news articles from last year announcing sightings of coyotes in different cities in the county where I live. https://wsvn.com/news/local/coyote-sightings-raise-concerns-in-broward-cities/ https://www.local10.com/news/florida/deerfield-beach/coyotes-leave-their-mark-in-broward-county-neighborhoods Some people (usually in pet stores) go way out of their way (she's on leash & behaving). There are other people that just love her, including kids. I always wondered why some people veer away and make a wide path between us & them, now I t
  5. Hi All, I'm curious and wonder if anyone else's dog uses this social behavior? Muzzle Grabs. Tayamni and Coffey play rough but have always grabbed each other by the neck. Tayamni also pulls Coffey away from other dogs, especially when he is being overbearing excited to a puppy. The other day I thought Tayamni got her mouth stuck in Coffey's collar but she was doing a muzzle grab, yet some what sideways because Coffey was grabbing her neck/collar. Then this morning I saw her standing directly in front of him doing a muzzle grab and he was standing very calm. She do
  6. HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF AZTECA'S FIRST LITTER!!!!!!! Boone Tayamni (They have the same morning routine...) and to Nakoma, Shiloh, Talulah and the Silver male (Latte) that was adopted from SDK!
  7. Hi All! On August 15th our Grandfather turned 100! He didn't want anything except to see us. I turned 50 this year and Mom has been asking for pictures of Kelli & I with our dogs. So, we went to Glamour shots early August and got pics for Mom, (she lives a couple hours North of us) and pics (of Kelli and I and the dogs) to bring up to Pop (he STILL hates being called Granpa - LOL) and our two Aunts. It's been 23 yrs since we've seen them all last. The dogs did SO WELL for the 2.5 hour photo shoot! Evidently they LOVE the professional photography because I usually get pics
  8. I should have posted these a couple months ago but other things keep getting my attention: Kelli and I always have a little adventure after our Sundance Ceremony is over before we get back home and into the daily grind again. This year we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas and did a short hike. (Next time we will bring water shoes to go down the river and play in the water) We had fun! Here are a few pics (I din't reduce size of them so couldn't upload all good pics = LAY-ZEE me): I will post more when I reduce the pic sizes. There are better pics!
  9. Hi All! Well in October we got out X-back harnesses http://www.neewadogs.com and lines to start training for the cooler weather to do some Urban Mushing. We are keeping initial training sessions to 5 - 10 minutes, akin to puppy training since this is something totally new for them (and me too!) I got lucky that literally 3 blocks away is the warehouse for Neewa harnesses so was able to go and try on different types of pulling harnesses to see which adjusted and fit the best for each dog. 10 minutes turned into a couple hours and WELL worth it! I've been emailing and lookin
  10. September 13, 2016 - HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF AZTECA'S FIRST LITTER!!!!!!!! Love, your sister Tayamni!!!! Aren't we all mature now? (PS I love sleeping in!) What are you all up to?
  11. This is a testament to Tayamni as well as a tribute to Nicole my F3 Bengal cat, who though she was getting a little puppy and then 9 week old, 9 lb. Tayamni walked out of the crate! (Nicole took one look and gave a look and air of “this is NOT what I wanted” and turned and walked away.) Finally as Tayamni grew out of her puppy stage and was settled enough to pass her Therapy Dog test and CGC Nicole would approach and sniff Tayamni at night from time to time. Tayamni would stiffen at first to make sure she didn’t move and scare Nicole. This became routine that Nicole would come in and
  12. I was at the pet supply store today getting dog kibble but didn't have the dogs with me because running multiple errands and too hot today to leave in the car. Kelli did a double take when she glanced up one of the isles .... A mirror image We thought it was Tayamni at first from up the isle - and our eyes went wide Oh c'mom it's me at home!!!!!!! heee heeee heeee, funny people Her 'twin', Felix, is a 1.5 yr old Shepard/Pit Bull mix. I showed his owner a picture of Tayamni and she was surprised because she had never seen another dog that l
  13. http://www.iidoba.org/forums/uploads/monthly_06_2016/post-3-0-01271800-1465674951.jpg (Left) Tayamni Owner Denise E. (Middle) Chepi Owner Felix. (Right) Coffey Owner Kelli. Florida "Tayamni and Coffey came to visit Chepi and she could barely contain her excitement! Even as a young pup who is the only dog in our household she knows when she's in the presence of another AI dog. One of the best parts about this breed is the togetherness they seem to instill in owners, giving all of us a sense of oneness through their spirit. We are t
  14. We were on the annual road trip and Coffey turned ONE year old! We woke up in Oklahoma on his Birthday and then visited with an Elder. He saw his fist Buffalo on his Birthday!
  15. It's been a crazy year with lots of changes, blessings and issues. My sister and I had a great trip, being at ceremony (while dogs vaca'd in Dallas), and I think the dogs are ready to do it all again next week! I had 637 pictures from the trip so I've brought it down to a somewhat manageable amount. I will post separate replies so not all pics at once. Also posted in to some separate threads .... wow! Guess I miss that I can't get out to the Gathering and SDK yet. So here's what we do I hope I will be able to post and write more this year with you all so I don't bombard all
  16. I am hunka Lakota and have lived the family ways as taught to me for over 25 years. Ceremonies are a very important part of every day life. One of the Lakota's Seven Sacred Rites is the Sun Dance Ceremony. This ceremony takes place during the summer and many families host / sponsor this ceremony (hundreds across the US on and off reservation). Prayers are for the good of the people. One of our Lakota Chiefs spoke to us about how important the dogs were to the Lakotas, they weren't pets they were family (Lakota called them Sunka) and when the horse came along they named it Sunka Wa
  17. Hi All! Been very busy down here in South Florida. "Coffey" came along sooner than expected when my sister's service dog was passing of an aggressive brain tumor. Coffey's registered name is Janjira and he lives up to his names Janjira & Coffey = high test!!! He was born on June 8, 2015 so is now Eight months, two weeks and 2 days ago. I am posting a montage of pictures to from young pup to date because his coat has changed patterns so many times I can't keep up - sometimes there is a drastic change every day. He has developed zigzag lightning pattern on each side of his fac
  18. It's really hot & humid down here in South Florida right now so we are making the best of it .... Dog Park .... using the pool and a cooling vest They say everyone has a twin - here's Coffey's look a like (only younger and bigger) a few more swim park pics:
  19. Happy July 4th everybody! Took the pups to Snyder Park to the fresh water swim lake. They had a great day and Coffey is slowly trusting the water. He's just not quite ready to swim out yet. (He wasn't a fan of his swim therapy last year ....) By the end of the summer he'll be swimming out and splashing around with the other dogs I'm sure
  20. As if we didn't know it already, these dogs are SMART! Friday night I drove up to meet my Mom and sister and we had a quick bite to eat at Wendy's before I was on my way back home. Tayamni goes for rides with me a lot and lays in the back seat. She waits in the car if it's not a dog friendly restaurant. I gave Tayamni some snacks but didn't feed her before leaving home as she and the cats would be fed when I got back home. This is normal protocol. What happened next was a shocking revelation! Mom brought me some gluten-free New England clam chowder from a restaurant ne
  21. ..... and one time, at band c.... Oh NO, I mean the Dog Park! Yesterday moring we were at our local Dog Park and I let Tayamni back in the large dog area because .... well .... no one else was there. People and pets started strolling in and there was one dog, lean like Tayamni and had a partial bob tail with long fur bushy at the end. I found out it is a Village Dog from Cameroon, Agrica. The guy used to live there and adopted a female pup. Kona, is 2.5 years old now. The owner said the hardest thing for Kona from the move is that she didn't understand the dogs in the UA an
  22. ...... you put the lime in the COCONUT ---- OK not for dogs - JUST GIVE 'EM THE COCONUT! NO BATTERIES NEEDED! Then our friend KEME and family introduced her to coconuts - and that has been the BESTEST favorite play things EVER!!!!!!!!! (Thanks TO KEYWESTMAMA22!!!!!!! I never would have thought of this on my own.) HERE'S THE SKINNY: When you buy a coconut in a store it usually has a hard brown shell and the good stuff is inside it. Well, coconuts grow with an outer shell and as it dries becomes a fibered husk underneath the
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