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Found 15 results

  1. Samie

    Sick Puppy?

    Haru still isn't eating that well. I know there aren't worms; the fecal came back negative and they gave her a mild dose just to be sure as well as she received her Sentinol over the weekend. Sunday night she didn't touch a whole lot of her food. Monday she ate sparsely. Half her breakfast became her lunch and then she wasn't all that interested in dinner. Tuesday morning she took one bite and then left the food alone. I mixed in some of the easily digestive canned food from the vet and she gobbled it up. She ate most of her lunch, leaving only a little, but then dinner was left half in the bo
  2. Hey guys! 'It's been really hectic here so I haven't been able to make as many updates as I would like but here's to Kybers journey as our second pup. I have to say I was very fortunate in this batch of pups, as the one I had my eyes on was chosen for us! Which is honestly just luck considering a picture doesn't tell you anything about personality really. I'm going to give a quick rundown of the process for us this time like I did with Chepi. I had originally planned to fly out again but things in Florida have been crazy as many of you know, so we decided to have the pup shipped this tim
  3. Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels is happy to announce the arrival of a litter of puppies from Shania X Flint. Shania and her puppies are doing well. Stay tuned for more information and pictures.
  4. Felix

    Chepi's Journey

    So after a long long journey we are finally home and settling in. As I type this little Chep is sleeping in her crate after a long day of snuggles, piddles, naps and playing. It was really interesting to go out and see the kennels after waiting so long to get a dog of my own (a couple years now). I have known my best friend's AI dog since she was a puppy herself, and we are very close. The whole trip just seemed surreal, especially knowing it was going to go by so fast. If you haven't been out that way before I can tell you it was worth it. I flew into to San Fransisco airport inste
  5. Kim La Flamme and Song Dog Kennels is happy to announce the arrival of a litter of puppies from Shania X Flint. Shania and her puppies are doing well. Stay tuned for more information and pictures. Shania Flint
  6. Hello! A little late getting to this but I'm finally, officially, introducing Calcifer to the forums. Calcifer is from the last litter (Winter '17) by Nose x Flint. To make up for introducing him so late I'm posting a boatload of photos! For anyone curious, his name comes from one of my favorite movies Howl's Moving Castle (a film by Miyazaki). We call him Cal or Calci for short. Cal is 4 months old, as of 2 days ago, and weighs in at 23-25 pounds. He was the smallest of the litter so I'm curious to see how he compares to his brothers and sisters. When we first got him, his eyes were supe
  7. Just checking in! We have had so much change and I don't have time to catch up completely right now but I'll go through a few things here to catch every one up to speed. Chepi has completed all the level 1 and 2 training and it is getting time to start making her training more complex and specialized. We we have found out that she is great with puppies and other dogs, has great manners (bowing, playing). My trainer liked her so much we would bring her in to teach other puppies how to socialize! We bought a house! 🎉 It was a long journey for us but the house is beautiful. We hav
  8. Just a little update on Chepi since it has been a while. She got her spay about a month ago and things went well, but unfortunately she is now a little shy to go in the car hahah. I am certain she will work through it as she has been very adaptive through her little anxieties. She is a very reactive dog to newcomers and especially neighbors, just a bit protective of my husband and I but not aggressive in the least bit. She welcomes attention from anyone and everyone with an unyeilding excitement haha but I am hoping as she gets older this will calm. She has gotten much better with her mann
  9. Felix

    Daily Routines

    I want to a get a little insight into what your daily schedules are like to get some training ideas. Did you kennel train? Feeding times? Wake up early morning? Do you have the same schedule when you work as when you have a day off? What kind of exercise routines do you have? Games your pup likes to play? These are just some examples. Our current routine is Wake up around 8 and let pup out to potty. Feed puppy Do some light exercise with fetch, she plays tug/chase/jump with the rope hanging from the tree. Take a shower and let her roam the backyard (our sho
  10. Hi all, Here's a quick update on Kota (Little Crow x Tonto litter 2015). She's amazing! Of course we have our typical puppy issues, but she's a fast learner. She's taken to training very well, learning most commands on the 2nd or 3rd try. She's also almost flawless on the leash now when I'm walking her (walking with the family in tow still needs some work ). Sleeps all night in her crate, and (knock on wood) is finally house trained. Every where we take her, people just love her and she loves them. I hope that the waiting list for another puppy next summer won't be too long, caus
  11. Sorry I did not post this sooner I have been absolutely overwhelmed with this amazing puppy! I am not 100% on him name but pretty sure I will be sticking with Nakoma (meaning is Great Warrior or Great spirit) Nakoma's Mother is Azteca and father is Jay. He has been extremely well behaved and has not left my side since he has been home. and by side I mean under my feet. He is just finishing up his first day at work with me and was amazingly well behaved! This has been a long journey from the day I called Kim and ask to get on the list to the first night he came home but it has been worth every
  12. Quote from Kim LaFlamme - That name will probably work out … I will look it up once you have her, if I were you I would wait until she is with you to pick a name. Got some pix today & here’s the booking info., Arlene was on the phone almost all day on hold with Delta. The only flights available, means I have to get up at 2:00 in the morning … FUN! Please let me know when she arrives & how she is & as soon as possible send me a picture of your family holding your new pup – thanks – she is on the far right of each pic. Very sensitive & sweet, she will take awhile to adjust t
  13. Hi everyone, Looks like we will be getting our first AIdog soon (June 21st) - YAY! I am driving up from Los Angeles and would love to hear any advice you might have for the long (10 hours) drive home. I will be by myself unfortunately. I plan on making several stops on the way home for potty breaks and to stretch legs. I guess I am most worried about that stressful time being our first extended time together. Any thought? Many thanks in advance, David and family
  14. Not everyone gets the warm and fuzzies when seeing babies and puppies together, but I dare you to not go "awwww" at least once. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2508490/Dog-tired-Mom-photographs-toddler-Beau-puppy-brother-Theos-daily-nap-ritual.html
  15. Tayamni is almost 16 weeks old now, A couple weeks ago she began the leap up on me out of no where when I sitting down in the living room. (She sees the cats do this and get attention). She has not been allowed on the furniture and started sitting on the furniture about the same time. (Of course the cats are on the furniture - as they are animals that prefer different levels, especially heights). Roger, my sisters NON-AID, jumps up on the couch whenever we are not home - he doesn't even wait until I am out of the driveway and there is his head in the window. Tayamni is crate
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