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Found 8 results

  1. Just checking in! We have had so much change and I don't have time to catch up completely right now but I'll go through a few things here to catch every one up to speed. Chepi has completed all the level 1 and 2 training and it is getting time to start making her training more complex and specialized. We we have found out that she is great with puppies and other dogs, has great manners (bowing, playing). My trainer liked her so much we would bring her in to teach other puppies how to socialize! We bought a house! 🎉 It was a long journey for us but the house is beautiful. We hav
  2. Just a little update on Chepi since it has been a while. She got her spay about a month ago and things went well, but unfortunately she is now a little shy to go in the car hahah. I am certain she will work through it as she has been very adaptive through her little anxieties. She is a very reactive dog to newcomers and especially neighbors, just a bit protective of my husband and I but not aggressive in the least bit. She welcomes attention from anyone and everyone with an unyeilding excitement haha but I am hoping as she gets older this will calm. She has gotten much better with her mann
  3. Hi All, Bufo Toad alert! They come out after rain, even a few days after - usually out around dawn and dusk into nightfall. Indigenous to South and Central America and in Southern Texas - brought to South Florida in mid-50's (some one thought it was a good idea for bug control - Didn't work ...) now these toads are all the way up at least as far as Tampa in Florida. These toads secrete a neuro-toxin from their backs as defense and depending on the amount of toxin absorbed and the weight of the animal it CAN BE DEADLY WITHIN MINUTES (up to 15 minutes most crucial). Unfortunately a
  4. We were on the annual road trip and Coffey turned ONE year old! We woke up in Oklahoma on his Birthday and then visited with an Elder. He saw his fist Buffalo on his Birthday!
  5. Hi All! Been very busy down here in South Florida. "Coffey" came along sooner than expected when my sister's service dog was passing of an aggressive brain tumor. Coffey's registered name is Janjira and he lives up to his names Janjira & Coffey = high test!!! He was born on June 8, 2015 so is now Eight months, two weeks and 2 days ago. I am posting a montage of pictures to from young pup to date because his coat has changed patterns so many times I can't keep up - sometimes there is a drastic change every day. He has developed zigzag lightning pattern on each side of his fac
  6. It's really hot & humid down here in South Florida right now so we are making the best of it .... Dog Park .... using the pool and a cooling vest They say everyone has a twin - here's Coffey's look a like (only younger and bigger) a few more swim park pics:
  7. Hi All! A Tired Happy! Practicing some tough - love right now. She can't see me from her side of the kitchen fence and that irritates her. She loves to be right next to me. I'll be going to work Monday morning so I have to start conditioning her to be OK when we are apart. She quiets, but every time I come in and then go out of view .... screaming and howling!!! Then quiet then more howling. Then finally quiet until I'm in site again. I actually got to type and edit this with her quiet! She is really smart about figuring things out - like how to get my attention by knocking over one
  8. ..... and one time, at band c.... Oh NO, I mean the Dog Park! Yesterday moring we were at our local Dog Park and I let Tayamni back in the large dog area because .... well .... no one else was there. People and pets started strolling in and there was one dog, lean like Tayamni and had a partial bob tail with long fur bushy at the end. I found out it is a Village Dog from Cameroon, Agrica. The guy used to live there and adopted a female pup. Kona, is 2.5 years old now. The owner said the hardest thing for Kona from the move is that she didn't understand the dogs in the UA an
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