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Found 2 results

  1. The energy was excited, optimistic, somewhat stressed and not a little bit confused. Lili & Kona couldn’t quite figure out what was going on but they knew something was up. It’s unusual for the entire family to be mobilized, planning & packing at the same time and in Lili’s experience this has not turned out well. Typically that means that the peoples are going somewhere & not taking the dogs along. This time though two of the three peoples were leaving the Fuzzard® sisters. My son Nick left for university on the 19th of August. He, like many college bound, has too muc
  2. Our Labor Day canoe camping trip came to an abrupt end this weekend. We thought we were going to spend a weekend paddling and swimming before the summer was over but half way across Charlton Lake (Deschutes National Forest) we were surprised by a snow and sleet storm. Half of our bedding and tent were soaked; thankfully we had thought to bring a propane heater. By morning there was at least an inch and a half of snow on the ground. Cold and still damp we packed out first thing… I used the extra time to repair our laptop that had suffered from a broken screen and hinges and put together thi
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