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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I just have a minute to post and Tayamni, who is great on leash - has an almost total disregard for me off leash. She is 15 months old now. At 11 months I finally got her to come part way to me in the dog park - at least she'll change direction and head in my direction. It's a start ..... In the backyard she makes it known it is her decision that she is listening to me. In a large area she thinks ear shot is a good distance and if I haven't called before she's out of range - "Oh well". She's a very independent thinker and I do marvel when I can watch her eye movements (in the
  2. Ahhhh! I stumbled upon two online news articles from last year announcing sightings of coyotes in different cities in the county where I live. https://wsvn.com/news/local/coyote-sightings-raise-concerns-in-broward-cities/ https://www.local10.com/news/florida/deerfield-beach/coyotes-leave-their-mark-in-broward-county-neighborhoods Some people (usually in pet stores) go way out of their way (she's on leash & behaving). There are other people that just love her, including kids. I always wondered why some people veer away and make a wide path between us & them, now I t
  3. I found some old AI dog gathering Utube videos! and a montage of Kim dogs that have been born in his program! Very cool!
  4. This is a testament to Tayamni as well as a tribute to Nicole my F3 Bengal cat, who though she was getting a little puppy and then 9 week old, 9 lb. Tayamni walked out of the crate! (Nicole took one look and gave a look and air of “this is NOT what I wanted” and turned and walked away.) Finally as Tayamni grew out of her puppy stage and was settled enough to pass her Therapy Dog test and CGC Nicole would approach and sniff Tayamni at night from time to time. Tayamni would stiffen at first to make sure she didn’t move and scare Nicole. This became routine that Nicole would come in and
  5. Praying that Kim and all at SDK and the farm are safe from flooding and storms! Tunkasilas Please reroute the excess water back to the rivers and the land absorb it's nourishment without causing harm or damage to people, animals, buildings or the farm. Thank you Inyan Ska Winyan
  6. I am hunka Lakota and have lived the family ways as taught to me for over 25 years. Ceremonies are a very important part of every day life. One of the Lakota's Seven Sacred Rites is the Sun Dance Ceremony. This ceremony takes place during the summer and many families host / sponsor this ceremony (hundreds across the US on and off reservation). Prayers are for the good of the people. One of our Lakota Chiefs spoke to us about how important the dogs were to the Lakotas, they weren't pets they were family (Lakota called them Sunka) and when the horse came along they named it Sunka Wa
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