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    Walking and biking with Frankie, singing, doing lots of stuff at church, getting closer to God, hanging with friends, eating healthy & otherwise babying my almost 70 y.o. body. (If it weren't for Frankie I could easily become a couch potato:)
  1. Where is the rest of this thread? There were a lot of new puppy owner pics.
  2. Berta

    New Name

    Thanks for the tips - I think it's mostly people, as in someone riding their bicycle too close, or walking too close to the car, or even being too close behind in their own car. She has a fit at the gas station which is manageable when I get out of the car and come to where she is in the rear hatch and talk her down. I think I'll try the ear plug & penny jar combo and see how that goes:)
  3. Berta

    New Name

    Molly, I have discovered the whispering thing, too, and Frankie is much more responsive as a result! It works especially well in the house or yard when she is barking and I whisper "that's enough, thanks" to her. She seems to get that she's done her job and now all is well. It does not work, however, in the car - I'm guessing she's so loud in that small space she can't hear me. Any ideas? Berta
  4. Berta

    New Name

    Frankie & I got to have a play date with Scout and Lisa yesterday. He is fabulous and very handsome! For now, Frankie is faster - they had a few serious sprints around the park, but Scout is extraordinarily coordinated and fast for his age. I can see him catching up not far down the road:) Lisa, please post a picture - everyone will fall in love with him! Berta
  5. Berta

    Our New Fur Baby

    Hurray! Would he like to come play with Frankie?
  6. Berta

    Our New Fur Baby

    Wow, he's about as big as Frankie already! (she's about 30 lbs.) (It's a good thing she's fast and agile!) Looking forward to meeting him. Happy Easter!
  7. Berta

    Our New Fur Baby

    Let me know when Scout's ready for visiting! Berta
  8. Frankie had a few days of clinginess, wanting to be in my lap or under my legs (not at all her usual thing:), and I've been mystified - maybe it was a reaction to the neighborhood coyotes! We frequently hear them at night, and neighbors report sightings now and then.
  9. Congratulations, Lisa! I wondered if you were waiting for a puppy! Berta
  10. Yes, he reminded me of Hawk as well!
  11. I'm not really sure about the growling. With Frankie, early on I played the "leave it" game. I started with kibble, and moved up to higher value treats. Now when I give her a raw bone, she does run around and try to hide it, partly because it's frozen and too cold to gnaw. Eventually she'll settle down with it, but if I want it I say "leave it" and she does drop it. I've not tried to take it directly, and maybe I should just to see what happens:) Frankie does growl when I try to brush her with the spiky brush, though, and I just figured she hates it because it's too harsh. She doesn't
  12. Frankie & I would love to have a play date! We live in Monmouth, about an hour & a quarter from the coast, and would love an excuse to come splash in the waves. I'm betting there are some other local AI dogs who would come along. There's also a fabulous off leash dog park in Salem that would be a possibility for a gathering. Berta
  13. Oh Lisa, My heart aches for you - it's such a hard thing. Your Hawk was such a special guy, the first AI dog I got to know when I was researching these magical creatures. He was just so elegant! I will definitely give Frankie an extra hug in his honor and in yours. Blessings, Berta
  14. I recently started using an electronic dog whistle I got on Amazon, and it's worked very well. I just use the command Quit. Frankie has also been a "hear's everything" dog, but now she just grumbles at the garbage truck and other offenders. (Which cracks me up, so I have to work not to laugh:) She's also generally way more responsive to my voice and other commands. I only had to use it steadily for a few days, and now it's just occasionally. She still does a great job barking when someone actually comes to my door, and stops when I come to investigate. I've rewarded her heartily for tha
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