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  1. It's just a big hobby of mine. I do occasionally do shoots for people who want them. Misha makes for a good model.
  2. It's been a while. Misha and I have been busy backpacking and hiking all over oregon this past year. She's become quite the backpacking companion and is perfectly suited to my needs in a companion. She settles so well when we aren't out and about, currenlty asleep as I type this. Not much new other than she LOVES swimming, and will hop into water most chances she gets granted its warm enough. She and I took a 20mi backpacking trip in two days in the Wallowa Mountains, also referred to as the 'Swiss Alps of Oregon.' And that kept her quiet and mellow for at least a week before she was
  3. Misha's becoming such a wonderful canine companion, we went to the beach and she listened every time and came the second I'd call her back as it usually takes her a couple times to recall. She's grown braver too, as she jumped down a ledge into water, which she's always just whined and looked down and would find a more gradual slope to the water. And... She had her first swim! She usually doesn't go in past her belly so it was a shock to see her swimming. She's also gotten more vocal about certain things. Squirrels, at people drifting by in a boat, just many situations that she'
  4. I was going to suggest a crate also! A couple drops of lavender oil on a collar might help him calm down as well. I've seen it calm dogs in the car.
  5. All these puppy pictures are making me miss my potbellied puppy. She grew up so fast. Brief update, though we haven't been up to much. Training is going phenomenal. Biggest thing is heeling! Its been hard to teach, though we are making slow progress towards walking on a loose leash. Other than that, she is great, sometimes she'll have a stubborn streak and ignore me until she decides shes done exploring. Most of the time she'll come when called the first time. She got spayed a month ago, and it's healed beautifully. Keeping her mellow wasn't difficult, as she mostly regulated herself
  6. I got a similar shot of Misha doing a pounce as well. In the same field on the same day, we had a run in with a coyote which watched us and left after we started playing fetch. Fortunately, her coat color usually makes people think dog first. Regardless, there have always been remarks about how she looks 'wild' or similar to a coyote. We get more questions if she's a basenji or not. Though, in a group of dogs, Misha does look the most wild, even next to huskies. I want to say it is legal to shoot coyotes, at least in Oregon, but I might be mistaken. My grandparents have a bobcat and
  7. I've gotten a remark about Misha being a fox. Hah! Misha stalks while on the leash too... I'll have to tap her bum to get her to keep going.
  8. Misha just got spayed yesterday. Slept for the rest of the day and is doing much better today. She ate quite a bit and drank and is trying to play with some toys. It's pretty hilarious when she has her cone on because she'll freeze and hang her head like it's too heavy. She's doing a good job on taking it slow, although we have to help her up stairs and on and off furniture. Here's her riding a horse from earlier this week.
  9. I met a Nose x Tonto pup from Portland last month! Her name was Scout, just about two years or so, not sure. Her and Tsuki both resemble Nose. These dogs are so cool, and I doubt I'll go with another breed! I want more LOL
  10. I shoot with a Canon t6i in manual mode. High shutter speed.
  11. Here are some more shots of her and her best mate Tsuki. They get along so well. The other day, we had to cut their play session short, I stayed for a few more rounds of fetch and Tsuki was howling down the road. People at the parks make sure to steer clear of these two when they start their game. They sound so vicious and look pretty scary. And a moment of peace. They also like to share their toys together.
  12. She is great, her siblings, the ones I've been in contact with, sound very similar in temperament. I agree, theyre all super smart. Arlo grabbed Misha's tail while they were playing and Misha picked it up and is now a tail biter! Whoops... She'll also pick up things other dogs do and play like them, body slams, pawing, different play styles. She's very much rough-and-tumble. Misha is from Fala x Flint. On the puppy thread, she's the one jumping up to the camera. I've met one other Flint pup (different mother) who is also fairly similar. I've yet to meet her parents, hopefully soon!
  13. I was actually thinking about those weird toys that are sort of like puzzles! She's nearing the age that we are thinking about spaying... We have no clue what we are going to do since she's still so crazy! Basic training is already done and she's learned about 5 other tricks! She picked up a lot of the basics in the first couple weeks of having her. Next thing you know, she'll be able to outsmart us.
  14. Nearing 6 months old now, 18" at the shoulder and 22lbs. She has so much personality! She stomps around the house whenever she's happy (ALL the time), so we hear her wherever she is in the house. She's even less of a morning thing than I am! I'll usually get up before her and she'll stay in bed for another hour though, those few days she gets up before me, she demands I get up. She'll roll on my face or pat me on the eye with her paw. Very content to lay around the house for me or hit a trail or park.She's very insistent on going to the park every day, where she'll sit at the front door, l
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