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  1. Wow they both look so great! Here is their sister Kaya! She is certainly part of the family and sleeps right in bed with us haha Its hard to believe these girls are almost 1 year old..
  2. The three Sisters from WendyxTonto! This is Kaya
  3. Alright first Puppy Update Post! We were in contact with Kim about these wonderful dogs for over a year and finally got to meet our new little girl on July 8th of this year. My fiance and I drove all the way out to Lake Selmac from Minnesota to attend Kim and Greg's annual gathering, meet other AID owners, and pickup our puppy. The anticipation of meeting our new puppy made the first half of the drive go very fast. Up until meeting all three little pups, we had no idea which puppy Kim had chosen for us. However, when we first met Kim upon arrival, he assured me he had the perfect li
  4. Very sorry to hear about the litter that did not make it.. Like everyone on the forum, I am glad the mother is doing ok. Wendy and Tonto look like two amazing AI Dogs and I'm very excited to see future pics of their litter! Best wishes to Kim and everyone at Song Dog Kennels.
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