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  1. Darmok is a whole 3 months old now and is growning and changing so fast. He's a bit over 20 pounds already. He is also a fast learner and has mastered a few commands already. He's in a weekly puppy class with 4 other puppies and will be entering his 2nd session in a few weeks. He gets his 3rd set of shots in about 10 days and I can finally start taking him on nature walks. We are both pretty bored with staying in my yards. He is learning to bite and chew on appropriate toys instead of me and we are working on not being a canine vacuum. I must fish things out of his mouth 100x a day and I
  2. Hello Everyone - I'd like to introduce you to my new AI pup, Darmok. Darmok is nearly 10 weeks old now and nearly 15 pounds! He's been home with me now for about 2 weeks and is just a bundle of energy. He has mostly housetrained himself and rarely has any sort of accident. He even runs down the stairs and sits at the back door barking when he needs to go out. We are working on several "nots", not biting, not running off with my boots, not carrying the broom out of the kitchen to where ever he thinks it should be. I am a disabled Veteran and Darmok will be my Service Dog when he i
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