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  1. Your pup is my pup's older brother!
  2. Any idea why Darmok howls like this when he plays with this particular toy? He does it with another one as well from the same manufacture. Could it be the pitch?
  3. Hello - Are there any other AI dogs in the Seattle area (or even in Washington)? I have the latest list and am wondering if there are any others who have not made it on the list yet. I'd love to arrange a playdate for Darmok and am more than happy to drive to make it happen. Elizabeth
  4. I heard back from Kim and he said that he has not heard of this happening to other AI dogs. Darmok will be going back to the vet in a couple a weeks and I'll speak to her more about this then.
  5. Would it be possible for you to put him in the front passenger seat and see what happens when he is up there? Does he appear to be doing that because he's having fun or because he's afraid? Blocking out the window might help but how much would that limit your visibility and could you get a ticket? I could give you the number of the credentialed dog trainer that has been working with Darmok. She may have some tools for you. I'm not sure what she would charge if anything for a phone consult.
  6. I also didn't find anything in past posts when I was doing my initial research. I'll post more information after I hear back from Kim.
  7. Could you post a photo of him in whatever kind of seatbelt harness you are using when he is in the car? I might be able to make an equipment recommendation if I can see his current set up. Does he lunge at the window for any particular reason i.e., a red car or a crow flying by or is it just random? Is it any particular window he's lunging at? Darmok is secured in a harness (usually a Bergan Auto Harness and occasionally a wonder walker) which is then attached to the seatbelt. He sits in the front passenger seat (with air bag turned off). BTW - your post made me curious to find out
  8. Sigh...I'm fully aware that I can call Kim and intend to do so. My question to this forum is: Has anyone had this issue with their American Indian dog?
  9. I've already read numerous articles. I'm looking for information about this issue in other AI dogs.
  10. Darmok is a little bit older than 6 months now and his testicles have not descended yet. The vet says that more than likely they won't descend. She wants to neuter him and go into his abdomen to locate his testicles. Has anyone had this issue with their American Indian dog? The vet is saying that dogs whose testicles do not descend have a higher risk of cancer and she recommends neutering him sooner rather than later.
  11. You can find a bit more info on my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/servicedogtrainersfromhell/
  12. The main reason I asked for this amendment is to protect the service dogs in training from the trainers who choose to use violence to train the dogs with i.e., using a choke prong collar and lifiting the dog in the air by the leash attaced to that collar and then shaking the crap out of the dog by the neck, spraying the dog with vinegar.
  13. Here's the Law in Washington State for interfering with a service animal. https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9.91.170 I was able to have an amendment approved which will go into effect next week. This law now extends to service dogs in training.
  14. Darmok is now a little bit more than 6 months old. It's a daily adventure watching him grow in to who I'm sure will be a very fine adult. He began wearing his Service Dog in Training vest a few days ago and we have had some very short but success trips in to grocery and other stores. He is already tall enough to be a good service to me if I happen to loose my balance when we are walking. There's been a couple of times when we were walking in the woods that he frankly refused to move forward, I decided to listen to his instincts instead of mine and turned around and left the area. H
  15. He and Darmok have the same eyes (and the same dad).
  16. Just wanted to share a pretty picture takn by Darmok's trainer yesterday during class.
  17. Darmok is growing so fast. He is now nearly 34 pounds and getting taller every day. The trainer I'm working with is teaching me new and interesting technigues for working with him. Its so very different working with a tranier who is commited to force free techniques only. Darmok is fully housebroken, crate trained, does very well in the car on his tether, is very food motivated for training, is learning to be a walking partner, is excellent with other dogs and rarely barks. There are several things we are still working but this is a long process and I'm just really happy that he is do
  18. The big boy is Augie who seems to like to sit upon Darmok every chance he gets. They've become best friends....its so much fun to watch the two of them together. I also give Darmok frozen organic pumpkin ice cubes. He really loves those.
  19. Hello everyone - Darmok has now graduated from his level 2 puppy training class and will be starting his level 3 next week. He is very, very smart and of course is still a handful. the instructor said that she has not seenn a puppy with his energy level in a very long time. Darmok is doing very well with multiple commands now (most of the time) and I'm really looking forward to the rest of his training. Here's a short video of Darmok and some of his classmates having a puppy play time.
  20. Denise - I briefly took a look at the Florida State laws for Service Animals. Your's is one of the few States that has a law about "fake" service animals. You could meet with your district representive and ask to have an admendment to that law extending it to also cover Service Dogs in Training. We don't have that "fake service dog" law yet...but several of us are working on it...I'll ask to have service dogs in training included. These fakers are hurting those that actually NEED service dogs. An emotional support animal is something all together different. That title is actually more
  21. Darmok got his last set of shots today! He's now nearly 28 pounds
  22. My first question is what are the qualification of these dog trainers? Are they certified with any of the nationally accredited dog training schools? Are they also a member of any of the nationally recognized dog trainer association that has their members sign a code of ethics? One such organization is https://apdt.com/. I'm in the process of getting laws in Washington State about the Qualifications and Accountability of Service Dog trainers. I'm about to have my first amendment signed by the Governor making it a crime to injure a service dog in training. Using force/pain/injury to
  23. Who are Teak's parents? He looks like how I think Darmok will look when he grows up.
  24. Hello Everyone - Darmok has completed level 1 of his Well Trained Dog classes. He sits on command (verbal and non-verbal), responds to "leave it" most of the time, is learning to walk on a leash the way I need him to, stays mostly on my left side going up/down stair, fetches, and a variety of other commands, including "stay" that he "mostly" has down. We started his Level 2 class last night and did well. He will start his level 3 class in May and then go on to his "Good Citizen" class there after. In the mix of the classes, I am and will teach him what he needs to be a service dog f
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