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  1. Other than the anticipated lump of scar tissue where the retained testicle was removed, he should be fine.
  2. Darmok is now home from getting neutered and is resting on the living room floor at the moment. Only one of his testicles was where it was suppose to be. The one that dropped (at 9 months) was "normal" but the other one was buried in his fatty tissue somewhere on its way down. This testicle was very small and the ...hmmm, I forgot what the vet called it...cord? The cord was very short and it was just never going to make it's way down. The vet had to make a second incision and she said that it was difficult to tie it off due to how short this "cord" was. Anyway, he more than likely
  3. Darmok is nearly 13 months old now and is finally getting neutered on Tuesday. His testicles didn't drop until he was around 9 months (at least one of them that is) and then his vet was booked out 3 months in advance. We are going in tomorrow night for his pre surgery exam and blood work. Hopefully his second testicle will be where it should. I'll bring him in Tuesday morning sometime and he'll go right into surgery.
  4. When I read these threads, I really understand why Kim does an interview first to get one of these dogs. They don't seem like your regular run of the mill dog and takes a certain type of handler. I can't imagine having more than one puppy at a time. Darmok has really increased my dog training skills, that's for sure (and patience, and physical strength hmm and ability to love...yep I love this dog -until he whines again that is)
  5. Darmok just started the whining thing. After I determined he was ok, I told him "quiet" which is one of the first few commands he learned. I also whined loudly back at him a couple of times. He has since stopped.
  6. Gib posted this in 2013 - I'm waiting to hear back from him about which dog park but I'm thinking it has to be the same dog at the same dog park this mystery woman was tellling me about. Draco & Wicca's Adventures http://www.iidoba.org/forums/uploads/av-14686.jpg?_r=0 Posted by Gib on 06 October 2013 - 06:17 AM in Updates Well now, isn’t that interesting. Two wolf dogs in one week….. Some of you may have seen this already: http://www.komonews....-226507711.html Then, a few days ago, Joan and I were running errands. We located an off-leash dog park we’ve not been to befo
  7. I know it's been a long time, but do you remember what dog park you saw this Emily at?
  8. I was at the dog park the other day and was approched by a woman that was very excited about seeing Darmok. She told me that there is another dog at the dog park that looks "a lot" like Darmok. I explained to her that Darmok is an American Indian Dog and that there really aren't a lot like him around and none that I know of in our area. She told me that a dog walker walks one named Emily. She said that Emily is about 7 or 8 years old, weighs about 30-35 pounds, looks a lot like Darmok (she had asked the dog walker if Emily was part coyote) and has one blue eye and one brown eye. Sh
  9. No update, just cute photo of our typical evening.
  10. Darmok is a year old already. I love this dog! I'd love to see photos and/or get an update about his 2 sisters and his brother.
  11. I just wanted to share with folks that would appreciate the visual. I was at the dog park with Darmok today and he decided that it would be the best course of action to start chasing a 150 lb Great Pyrenees and just herd him all over the field for no particular reason other than he could. It was just an adorable moment in time that makes me laugh when I think about it. In the distance it looked like Darmok barely past the other dog's knees.
  12. Teak has a lot of similarities to Darmok . How much does he weigh now?
  13. Could you give us an update on your pup?
  14. Darmok is 11 months old today. He's continues to be a joy as well as a pain in the ass to live with (depending on the day). I took him to the vet last week and he is holding at a very muscular 47.5 pounds. At around 9 months, one of his testicles finally dropped into place and the vet believes she has located the second one which is on it's way to where it should be. She says its nearly unheard of to have a testicle drop after 6 months, but here we are proving the medical community doesn't always know everything. He is scheduled to be neutered in January and we are hoping the other test
  15. Darmok is now 8 months old. Today, he stayed at home by himself for a whole 5 hours outside of his kennel and did a great job not doing anything wrong!
  16. Tomic is now 8 months old. Today he stayed at home by himself for a whole 5 hours outside of his kennel and did a great job not doing anything wrong!
  17. Is Flint related to Jay Silver Heels?
  18. I'll be taking a road trip with Darmok to the East Coast later this year and the Vet would like to give Darmok heart worm medicine before we go. I'm near Seattle and the Vet says that Darmok doesn't really need the heart worm meds in this area but absolutely while traveling to the East Coast. She said there's a couple of different kinds both of which have some side effects. Do any of you give your AI dogs heart worm meds and if so which one and did your dog experience any side effects?
  19. Where has my little puppy gone? I can't hardly believe how big Darmok is now. It seems he just got bigger again over night. Darmok and I have now been camping a few times and he seems to be doing well with all the extended time in the car and the every changing enviroments. I try to get him to a dog park where ever we are so he can run off some of that energy being confined to the car and/or campsite that builds up.
  20. I recently bought Darmok medical insurance with Trupanion. I noted that they have Native American lnidan Dog in their Breed List but not American Indian Dog. I spoke with one of their representives last month about having American Indian Dog listed as well as looking into whether they are sure about listing Native American Indian Dog (thinking they might just have the two confused as so many people do). I spoke with another representive today and nothing has been changed as of yet. The representive I spoke to today is going to speak to her manager about this issue as well as show the mange
  21. Darmok also has an overbite but he seems to be doing Ok with it thus far. He has problem picking up finer things from the floor, which is actually fine with me because he's a canine vacuum cleaner and I tire of pulling things out of this guys mouth. The Vet is keeping an eye on this as well as his undescended testicles.
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