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Posts posted by DarmokElizabethontheocean

  1. For those of you that have an abnormally large male (tall) what's your pup's normal calories intake per day? I'm specifically interested in knowing information from the male veteran that has Darmok's brother from the same litter.


    Darmok weighed in today at 61.5 pounds! We hike at least 50 miles a month and do a lot of other activities. He went from 55 pound in January to 61.5 today. The vet had me reduce is calories about 30 days ago even farther than I had now that he's an adult. She wants me to reduce more but I'm resisted to reduce further but she says that this breed might just normally " hold on to calories".


    To me he looks muscular (I'll post photos later).

  2. Jay silver heels is (was, he passed away last year I think) also my pup's father. My pup and his litter mate both have overbites and were larger pups. Mine has never shown any health issues other than the overbite. He was born Dec 2016.

  3. Darmok is currently resting next to me on the couch. It's so strange to see him so out of it.


    The vet will send me photos of Darmok's teeth in a couple of days and i'll post those here. In general, his right bottom cainine is rubbing on the inside of the top one and has made a dent in the roof of his mouth. Food gets trapped in there and more than likely causes discomfort to Darmok from time to time. She recommends that at some point, Darmok sees a dog Dentist. Darmok has one tooth that has three roots instead of two which makes it an odd shape but nothing to be concerned about at the moment. His enamel in general is thinner than most dogs so just need to keep up on cleaning. I'll reread the report and see if there's anything else of interest but those are the highlights.


    Does anyone have info about Darmoks littermate brother? I'd like to know how his overbite is doing.


    On a side note everyone at Banefield loves him.

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  4. The vet said that she's also looking forward to getting a better look at the top of his mouth. She also said that most dogs would've had at least 2 cleaning by now but that I've done a great job with his teeth. I'm opting to also get dental xrays done while he's out for a baseline of the overbite and canines. Just getting 4 views instead of a fullmouth 10 views.

    I'll be taking him in in the morning and hopefully home a few hours later. Vet said probably 2 years between cleaning will be fine based on how well I'm doing with his teeth.


    Darmok is still at a very lean muscular 50 pounds.

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  5. Darmok is going to have his first teeth cleaning tomorrow morning. His vet, who has been with us since he was 6 months old, says it's time.


    She will also be evaluating his overbite and the impact to the top of his mouth. One tooth has made a "dent" and she will be able to determine if it's anything to worry about.


    I'll be taking Darmok in today for his semi annual med check, including heart worm test, and pre-cleaning exam.


    Because he is a service dog the clinic does things a little differently for me which I really appreciate. They do the blood work the night before, the vet will take him on a quick tour behind the scenes and in the morning take us into an exam room, give him whatever that relaxing medicine is while I steady him, the vet then takes him immediately for the procedure and I collect him as he is waking up.


    I'm actually really looking forward to his teeth being checked out and cleaned. I'm hopeful that the recommendation will be to continue to do nothing about his overbite. He's nearly 3 (OMG) now and I'm guessing his jaw/ teeth are pretty much done growing.


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  6. Darmok and I are hitting the road again. Last year's epic 7500 mile 30 day roadtrip was simply amazing but this year I'm taking several shorter trips.


    My current plan is to start in Ocean Shores and make my way down the Washington and Oregon coast.


    I'd like to stop and have play dates with other AIs along the way. I'd also really love to stop by and visit Kim and his pack as well.


    I'll be leaving Ocean Shores on Sept 20th and over-nighting in Seaside. I'll then be camping down the coast with no particular schedule.


    Please let me know if you'd like to have a play date (especially Kim, Greg and any of Darmok's immediate family. His parents are Nina and Jay Silverheels.

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  7. Yes, my pup Darmok, had retained testicles. One finally dropped when he was 6 or 9 months old (I don't remember but I posted about it). I waited til he was a year old to get him neutered hoping that the second one would drop but it never did. During the neutering surgery, the vet found the second testicle. It was very undeveloped and the hmmm tube? was very short so it was never going to drop. The surgery cost less than $100 more than what my banfield payment covered.

  8. The most important thing is to keep her away from those stiches! Someone here posted about their female that tore her stiches out and later died. IT was one of the worst things I've ever read about. You can search on spay in the forum and their posts should come up. Really, gave me night mares, I wouldn't let Darmok out of my sight for much longer than was necessary I'm sure.

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  9. Lol - poor guy. The photo with the service dog saddle bags was from the first time I put those on him. He looks so ...I'm not sure...concerned? Like a "WHAT did you just put on me THIS time?" Inside the saddle bags is his water, water bowl, poop bags and treats. He's so cute!

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  10. Darmok is now 18 months old and is really becoming an amazing companion and service dog for me. He has been in several levels of training classes and as of the 26th passed his Good Citizenship test! We are taking a break from training classes for a couple of months but will be adding on a couple of more in the Fall and Winter.


    He is healthy and happy and I work very hard to keep him that way. His weight stays between 49 - 52 pounds. He has more toys than most children and an entire cabinet dedicated to a large variety of treats. He eats top of the line everything and the only people food he gets are vegetable scraps when I'm cooking dinner and frozen carrots or pumpkin puree on hot day.


    We are preparing for hiking and camping now and he's in the process of getting used to wearing boots. OMG I can't believe I bought him boots BUT he hurt his foot last year and I just cannot risk him getting hurt again on whatever random sharp thing he might run across in the woods, beach or hot sidewalk. We will also be taking an 8000 mile road trip later this year so look for updates for Darmok and Elizabeth on the road.


    His Veterinarian, who has been with him since the beginning, is impressed with how far he has come from the little wild Tasmanian devil dog that I first brought into her office. His overbite doesn't really impact him much and the Vet is keeping an eye on the dent that has developed in the roof of his month but is not recommending any treatment and probably won't as long as the "dent" stays stable.


    He is "glued" to my side most of the time and the herding is strong with this one. He is far from the perfect lab service dog that so many people opt for but he does what I need and I really don't know what I'd do with a docile, compliant dog anyway. I really think that his strong will and the challenges that has given me has really been beneficial to me in the long run.


    We have become an excellent team.

    darmok top of stairs.htm.jpg

    darmok in kitchen.htm.jpg

    darmok in guest room.jpg

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  11. Holy crap! I can't even imagine. I hope you can find a solution. Everything you've tried is everything that I was going to recommend. Wow, good luck. I had a standard poodle that did just fine in my Mercury Cougar but when I changed over to a hybrid vehicle he would tremble uncontrollably almost for the entire duration of the ride. It passed after a few months but still have no idea what was causing it.

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