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  1. Hi. Our new pup, Nuttah Ayasha, is doing very well . She has adjusted to us quickly and follows me around everywhere. I think it’s funny that when she is napping I use the time to shower and do homes chores just like I did with our sons. When she is awake it is play time on the floor. She is so cute and sweet. She is our second IAD and so excited to have such an intelligent dog again.
  2. They are adorable. I can’t wait for my call. My phone is with me always.❤️
  3. Look at those faces!! They are adorable! I’m so excited, I can’t wait!
  4. Thank you for the pictures. They are soo cute. I thought there were seven pups. One was hiding under a sibling in the first picture.
  5. Looks like 6 or 7 pups there. Such a variety of colors. So cute!
  6. They are all adorable! Thank you for all the pictures!
  7. They are so cute. I love all the different colors. I was hoping you’d continue showing pictures as they grew. Thanks
  8. It’s so much fun watching these puppies grow and change. What age are they when Kim lets them go to their new homes? I’m on the list and was just wondering.
  9. Yeah puppies!! I’ve been looking every day hoping to see new puppies. Can’t wait to have another of Kim’s dogs. My Ayashe passed last month and I was devastated. She was the best dog ever!
  10. patci


    your were asking about cousins. my Ayashe's parents were scout and abbie. she looks alot like her mom and has a great personality as does most aids. she is 2 1/2 now with an august birthday.
  11. patci

    Another Name

    it Ayashe with an e on the end thanks
  12. patci

    Another Name

    hi i tried to get my dogs name on the list but i'm not very good at this so i'll include her this way. Ayashe is cheyanne for little one-- i down sized from a german shepherd so she is much smaller and just right for us
  13. Ayashe- means little one in cheyanne-- i've always had german sherperds so i down sized to aid. she's 2 1/2 yrs now and best dog i've ever owned
  14. i think crating is the best way to go. i'm an old softy and i had the crate with ayashe right next to me on the floor. if she started whining, i put my hand next to it so she could smell me. she this very well. she's 2 now and no longer needs a crate for anything. once we get pass all the basic stuff, they are sooo much fun. ayashe is such a friend and we have a great time. she is well behaved and follows commands. we've had puppy training, beginning obedience, and have started intermediate obed. patci
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