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  1. Jeanine

    2Nd Dog Problems

    I find that a squirt bottle solves many issues. I buy the large one in the plant section of the market and keep it filled with water. I have three dogs. When they fight over a toy, the toy is mine. I take it away and put it on the sink. They will sit side by side looking at the toy. When they are calm again, they can have the toy back. At this point, I can just say enough and take it out of their mouths. To start with, they all got squirted and then I removed the toy. They all three get fed at the same time, in separate bowls, in the garage. They are separated by a few feet. Again,
  2. Murphy and Mystery love our cats, especially Lucky Cat. Murphy was introduced as an adult and Mystery as a puppy.
  3. It sounds like my Mystery. She is three years old now and much better but she will never like new things right off of the bat. It takes her time to adapt to new people/things/situations but she is much better. Thanks to Kim and people at the gathering 1.5 years ago, we have made great strides forward. If she is on leash, she is not allowed to melt down. I hold her on a very short leash, where she cannot run around and must stay close to me, and I hold her tail up in a positive position. I stay in that position with her until she calms down. I encourage strangers to pet her (she is NOT a
  4. Jeanine

    Shy Dog

    It is really nice to know that we are not the only ones going through these things. I was heartbroken to find out that I had hurt Mystery rather than helping her. The nice thing about the pack is that the pack leader says this is the way it is and pretty much she just goes along with it.
  5. Jeanine

    Shy Dog

    My husband and I attended the AID Gathering for the first time this summer. We have had Murphy for 7 years. He is a friendly, happy dog. We have had Mystery for 2 years (Mystery beacuse we got her from Kim sight unseen). She has always been shy and skittish. Long story short, I babied her when she was a pup and got scared and now at 43 pounds, the only safe place was still on my lap. I received some great advice that I have worked hard to put into practice. Mystery's public name is now Monster (that's more for me than for her). When her tail curls under her body, tight up against her be
  6. When I first saw this picture, I thought it was my Murphy. What a beauty.
  7. The picture of Murphy taken through the fence was taken by our friend and neighbor, Steven. Steven came up to the fence in his wheelchair and I think that Murphy was begging Steven to come all of the way in. The group picture is of Murphy and his pack. From left-to-right, Murphy, Wolfie, and Monty. Murphy and Wolfie do fence checks to ensure the coyotes don't get too close to their property. These three just have a blast together.
  8. These dogs are so sweet and gentle. What a wonderful thing for both of them. They both get love and comfort. I am recommending this breed to our next-door neighbor who is confined to a wheelchair. His companion dog died last year. When he comes over, Murphy puts his front feet on the wheelchair's footrest so that he can get closer to him.
  9. I am just getting the hang of replying on this site. I hate to admit that I work for IT. Murphy is my bud. His personality is that he is a "helper." When I cut down tree branches and drag them to the burn pile, he takes the back end and tries to help me get it to the pile. When I am in the pond, cleaning out the algae, he is on the rocks at the edge, with his snout in the water, trying to pull some out too. When I carry in clean clothes and something is hanging down, like a sleeve or end of a towel, he puts it in his mouth and walks with me to where I am going to fold. He is a compan
  10. Murphy (aka Murlo, Bwahahaha) was 2 in June. He is the baby in a family of three cats and three dogs.
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