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  1. Tsuki is 16 Months old. Such an amazing animal. Wicked smart. Wants to please. Trains well but not a push over. At this stage no really bad habits (knocking on wood.) Well socialized, gets along with everyone. hasn't shown any signs of being territorial. She does a really good job at picking out who to play with at the dog parks. She doesent really spook or try to escape. She pretty much shadows me around the house. wants to go everywhere with me. I rarely have her on leash around town or walking to and from the dog park she stay's right by my side with regular reminders like finger snaps or
  2. Wow!! What a beautiful Doggie. Your doing such an amazing job raising her:)
  3. I wish we could of made it to the gathering. Next time i hope.
  4. here are a couple recents of Tesuque 6 months. Shes a good girl. we love her so much.
  5. looking forward to some pictures of the gathering. Anyone?
  6. I wish Tesukue and I could of made it. no can do. have fun
  7. Just watched this movie with Tesuque. She watched the whole movie with me. I was hilarious to watch her watching.
  8. Cal is beautiful. Here is a recent picture of his sister Tesuque.
  9. I love seeing all Tesuques sibs. Thanks for posting. They all look so alike. Great temperament.
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