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  1. BeachWolf

    Zola Update

    I have a few recent photos to update on our happy pup Zola, almost 8 months old and 37 pounds. We just adore her sunny disposition and cheerful attitude. She is spunky and entertaining us constantly. Like Kim said when we got her, she is humble, sensitive, balanced and smart. She loves to cuddle, loves to run and be free, exploring our fenced half acre alone all the time while Max waits for one of us to go outside like the loyal border collie/kelpie he is. She ate an entire gopher except the head and one organ from a trap one day in about 15 minutes, her instinct to hunt and guard us is strong
  2. The newest thing I use to get Zola back quickly every time on a walk in the woods or beach is a stick. I hold up the stick and offer it from a distance as a potential game and she comes running. She may know she's getting tricked but sticks make her lose her mind for anything else so for now I use the stick to get her leashed. I know I need to train her to actually listen to me, but I'm certain she will eventually as she is becoming SUCH A GOOD DOG! Seriously sweet and funny and at 6 months, quite mature in many ways. We just adore her sunny little personality.
  3. Miz Molly we are further north in Humboldt, coastal redwood town. Pretty place indeed.
  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one getting ignored. The only thing keeping Zola with us on an off leash walk is our other dog Max who listens to me like it's his job. He is one of those "best dogs" in most ways. Zola is getting an excellent example from him but she is still under 5 months and I have to have that leash on her way before we need to go (woods, beach or park) or she will coyly wander. She always comes eventually or lets me get her but it's a game. I try not to play it as best I can but she does it in the backyard too. "Don't ignore me"! I bet the neighbors are tired of hearing that
  5. If only I could have a third dog, I'd like a pack of dogs. We met Nika, she is lovely, I almost skipped a puppy for her. When Zola is older, I'll adopt an older dog for sure.
  6. Thank you for sharing, I'm so sorry for your loss of that sweet kitty, it's never easy. What a good dog. Whew, I guess I needed a good cry.
  7. Keep us informed, we will all help. I'm very sorry to hear Kim is having flood damage. It has been quite a wet year for us on the west coast after so much drought.
  8. Her parents are Bandit (dad) and Tonka Sitsi (mom). I'd love to see a family tree of these dogs made.
  9. Pup update, Zola is starting to adventure and go out in the world more and is looking less like a puppy and more like a dog.]She's smart, curious, increasingly confident, and is becoming alpha in the house as our dog Max could care less about doing anything that rocks the boat. She's more affectionate and less biting us, she's good on a leash after a few tries and we visit the dog park regularly, the redwood forest and the beach so she has high expectations for her daily life. I try to do at least one or two quick walks with them every day rain or shine. She loves to do whatever Max does and h
  10. BeachWolf


    She is smart, strong willed and makes us laugh. My patience is challenged but then she makes that cute face. Her markings are becoming more distinct and beautiful, we love her fur and all the variation in her lovely sable coat.
  11. Zola has/had hiccups frequently, they sort of seem to be lessening. I thought it was because of the worms but she still gets them.
  12. BeachWolf


    Quick update, I thought we had a problem with the Panacur puppy wormer making Zola sick; we did only the one day and then waited a week. She started throwing up worms on her own so I knew she probably was sick from worms not the meds as the vet said. We opted to take her to the vet and have them watch her for a couple hours to administer the Panacur; no problems, no reactions so we continued the treatment at home for the next 5 days. She has thrown up and pooped out so many round worms that soba noodles are almost ruined for me and I really like noodles. We did the full 5 days and they are s
  13. BeachWolf


    The vet suggested Panacur because it was a way to treat the Giardia and worms without having to use antibiotics. She said it was safe for puppies, I should have checked again. We only did the one dose because it was such a strong reaction even though they recommended 5 days then again 3 days in a month. I am going to retest her stool and if that one dose didn't work to kill the roundworms I will wait an appropriate time and use the recommended Stronged-D. She is very healthy, she has incredible energy and vitality, she's putting on weight and I'll be very careful with her so she has a nice lon
  14. BeachWolf


    The only issue we have had was her getting super sick all night into the next day when we gave her worm meds. "Panacur". The vet thinks she was sick from a die off but it was so scary. She was shaking and trembling all night, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, it felt like our baby had ebola. I was close to taking her in on Thanksgiving but she started to revive and had a little raw milk and wagged her tail. She was fine by that afternoon. It scared me so bad, I don't want to give her the full 5 days in case it was a med reaction and might try the pyrantal instead to be safe. She's definitely heal
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