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  1. And I thought I had it bad. Haru likes to eat sticks so she can't be in the backyard unsupervised. At all. Has to be on a leash for bathroom breaks because she will grab a stick and play catch me if you can and somehow manage to eat it while I am trying to get her. Glad you found the peroxide remedy and it worked. Has he been feeling well since?
  2. I use heartguard (heartworms) and nexgard (fleas & ticks) together and Haru does fine. I used Sentinol for the first two months I had her, but it didn't do enough for flea control which is a must because of an allergy on my part. Talked to my vet and this is what they recommended trying.
  3. Samie

    Xochitl Updates

    I already feel it starting to hit me, at the point Haru becomes well behaved I will most definitely want another one. That'll be another year at least though, lol
  4. Samie

    Xochitl Updates

    Oh so awesome that y'all will be adding to the family!!!
  5. Aww! He's so cute! Thanks for posting a weight. I've been worried that Haru might be a little underweight but she weighed in at 13.5 lbs yesterday at the vet so it looks like she's keeping up with everyone. Sounds like things are going great with Nuttah. Looking forward to more updates!
  6. Maybe consider taking Kitchee for a separate ride occasionally so this doesn't turn into an automatic habit for him. Just a thought.
  7. I will second the part human. My fiance says she's like having a conversation with a 3 year old that has just grasped the meaning of language. "Haru, it's time to go to bed" "No Mom, no bedtime."
  8. Aww!!! They're adorable!!! Congrats to the new owners
  9. So now that I have Haru, I can say with confidence that I did indeed pick the most cat-like dog I could find. She does all the between the foot with the legs rubs and brushes and the weird contorted sleeping positions. As well as that independence streak. Also, first thing after she wakes up she gets super cuddly and lays down in my lap
  10. Samie

    Welcome Home Haru

    Wow! So in the span of a few weeks we have gone from a short little puppy to a slightly adolescent looking 3 month old (today actually). Even though she's only gained 5 pounds from when she first got here XD. Yesterday was a vet appointment and 2nd round of shot. We're almost there!!! Also, I didn't think it was possible for her to get any cuter but then they put a bandanna on her -squee- Ugh, so spring in Texas has started which is lovely but also brings fleas But also brings bluebonnets, but again also fleas. Thankfully I've only seen a few fleas on her and they aren't spreading to t
  11. The crate with the blanket does sound like the best idea. Maybe with a little bit of space at the bottom just enough so he can see Kitchee. Is there anything he just goes crazy over? A stuffed kong or something? Put one of those in there the first few rides to try and give him something else to think about.
  12. I have learned to tell somethings. Like I'm starting to understand when it's a hungry or pee bark. But the barking I'm having problems with is just her being disrespectful. She wants my attention or what I have and she is barking at me to give it to her (remembering that she is a 10 week old puppy right now). I can tolerate the barking if I believe she's actually trying to communicate something to me about a need, but mostly she's just being disrespectful. I've told my boyfriend that whining and low yipping is ok because that's her opinion about what is going on. But the disrespectful "GIVE IT
  13. Sometimes I think it's getting better and sometimes I think it's getting worse. She's definitely developing more attitude. Like this morning, I had already fed her, we had walked and then I made my breakfast and sat down. She barked at me while I was eating and was trying to get up in the chair with me. I put my food down, put her in the x-pen, which is right beside the chair, and didn't hear another peep. It's getting a bit better now that she has more bladder control and right after she's done her business I don't have to worry about her so I leave her out in the house while I get ready. But
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