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    My biggest priority is being with my family. They are my heart and happiness and my best friends. I love photography. It's one of my favorite things to do. I take tons of high end family photos for fun but also do actual jobs like weddings and what not. I like to read and be outdoors. I love to drink coffee on the swing on a fall day. I'm a laid back, easy going southern girl with her heart on her sleeve.
  1. I use paint. You go to resize and it gives you the mega pixels it's already at then you just change the top box and it'll automatically change the bottom box.
  2. I just was not paying the more reply options button any mind apparently. Thank you for the help!
  3. As for the bedding I had heard complaints about them tearing apart the beds so we got something from Walmart. It kinda looks like a trampoline. There's no stuffing and nothing compelling for them to chew on. We put blankets on it and a couple of toys and he knows that's his bed. It's this, it was only 20 bucks at Walmart and it works great, he loves it! http://www.hayneedle.com/product/coolarooterracottadeluxepetbed1.cfm?redirect=false&source=pla&kwid=PetBeds iprefer&tid=CR055-2&adtype=pla&kw=&gclid=CPmh7I7_q9ECFUM9gQodiSoDag We bring it in the living room duri
  4. Pharoah hasn't gone inside in about a week now. We have learned to take him out front on his leash once we let him in from playing out back and he does is business pretty much right away. He's starting to bring us his leash when he needs to go out front after being in with us for an extended time. Which is just crazy smart to because we haven't even tried teaching him anything like that. I noticed something last night though when it comes to his chewing on me. He won't do it when we go on car rides. He'll sit right on me and either chew on his leash or just watch as things go by the window.
  5. I can't seem to be able to upload more pictures as a comment, I'd hate to take up space with another whole post. But without the pictures here's the update. The first week was all sleepy baby. With the time difference he slept off and on all day and seemed to be a little more rambunctious at night. We've got a better schedule now. He sleeps through most the night and plays most of the day. The biggest challenge we're facing is his biting. We can't seem to get him to understand that it's not ok to bite/chew on people. Bathroom training is going odd but well. We let him out back because it's fen
  6. Thank you! I know, those eyes get me every time he looks at me
  7. Yes he is! He's got his mom's build but a little more of his dad's color
  8. ArielRabbit


    We finally got him! We picked him up from the air port Monday night and had a hard time making ourselves settle down for bed after we got home. He is already letting us know he needs to go outside, we've only had two accidents. He loves his bed and toys. He does not like his blankets being on the floor, anytime they are he puts them right back on his bed. He has a bear he sleeps with at night and leaves alone during the day. He has such personality, he's so sweet and smart, understanding and most of all a big baby. He wants to be held constantly and sleeps better if he is right on top of you.
  9. How precious! So exciting to read these stories knowing we get our boy so soon! I wonder what he'll look like! I keep going through all these new updates to try and deduct from what "family" picture of the pups were posted. I think he's gonna be similar to yours but still not sure. Anyways before I ramble any more CONGRATS!
  10. We've had our name picked out for a long time now. He's gonna be Pharoah. I have yet to see his face but I'm in love already! Hoping we get to have him in our arms next weekend. They all seem to be so well tempered so far, it's gonna be fun to see his little personality.
  11. We just got the call yesterday, sent off the remaining balance this morning and I didn't sleep a wink last night. When I was I was dreaming about our new pup. Half expected him to already be there at my feet when I woke up this morning. We're all so excited we bought him all sorts of welcome to your new home presents while we were out grocery shopping last night. He has his own crib mattress to sleep with new sheets at the foot of our bed. We're gonna get him a little doggy pillow and a blanket to add to it just in case he's cold natured. We feel so blessed and couldn't be more excited to mee
  12. Us too! I'm so excited I about can't stand it!
  13. Oh my goodness! I know I have said this before but I am soooo in love! I can't wait to meet the new member of our family!
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