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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but this gives me puppy fever. Ugh!!!
  2. Oh Fenris. He is so beautiful. Maybe I am bias as he is Aryas bro bro. Here is a pic of Arya and Tennessee. Arya & Tenni.pdf
  3. Arya did fine as well when she had her procedure done . I was amazed at how fast she healed. If remember correctly, she took 1 pain pill and kept spitting the rest out, even with pill pockets. Her only issue was having a bald belly for almost a year.
  4. August 2017, we moved from Grants Pass to Moses Lake, with no house to move to. We refused to be locked down in a rental lease, so lived in our 26' trailer that had no slides. Since this was going to be a temporary long term deal, after a week we decided to upgrade and bought a 42' 5th wheel toy hauler. We did that for a year. At first it was great, like camping everyday. It takes it toll, but I do believe Arya & Tennessee adjusted better than we did moving to such a smaller space. They just want to be with their people. They now have 7 fenced acres to run around on. I need to take picture
  5. I am hoping that the owner has picked him/her up by now.
  6. In was tagged in a Facebook post because this dogs looks like Arya. This poor thing was found on Park Street in Grants Pass earlier today or yesterday I believe. He/she has a microchip, but it has not been activated or registered. Someone on he the post also made a comment that he looked coyote-ish so wanted to post on the forum as well. This is a good reminder to also make sure that your microchips are registered and updated if you have recently moved. Like me, I will be double checking to make sure they changed it. As Tenni and Aryas chips are two different companies. I If you know who he
  7. Wow. That sounds like an ai dog to me. Hope all goes well and you can set up play dates.
  8. She is just adorable. So glad you had an uneventful trip home and all is safe. Arya will be 2 in May and she still gets mouthy and back talks when told no. Just like a child, but they are our babies. Congrats!!
  9. Wow. I am looking forward to seeing these babies. The parents are beautiful.
  10. That's exciting news. Wish we could do we visit, but time doesn't allow this trip with the holidays. Looking forward to seeing the news members of the AID family!!
  11. Oh, Holy Cuteness!!!! I am really looking forward to following these youngsters grow up. Seeing what kind of mischief they get themselves into and the fun they have along the way. Happy additions to the families of these babies.
  12. Congrats on your puppy. She is beautiful. It was so nice to meet you at the gathering this year. Hope your drive back was smooth and not too eventful. I hope you see you back again next year.
  13. The girls and I had a great time as always. I only got a few pics at the gathering myself. I think I took more at the kennels. Thank you Greg for again, getting the wheels rolling and organizing the food list and securing the shelter for us to gather and bbq. Thank you Kim for opening up your home for us to come out and see the dogs. It was great to see them as I often check out the breeders on the forum. I was glad to hear that Jay has a home to go to, and become a family dog. I hope he pops up on the forum periodically. I know you will miss him. Tenni was able play with one of her broth
  14. Is there anything specific still needed? I see lots of items on the list with no sign-ups. Not sure if this has been filled up. I can do a pasta salad and bring some brats. Or if those are covered, I can bring what ever else is needed. The girls and I will be up there Saturday before lunch.
  15. Oh......my.........cuteness!!!!!!! This is too much. Totally makes me want a third. But, it'll be a year or two. Since we are relocating, we will need to settle down first and get our house built. Good luck to all of the lucky families that will be adding a fur baby into their lives. We are truly blessed to have 'man's best friend' in our lives.
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