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  1. Yesterday we had our first BIG adventure. I'm lucky enough to live super close to Shiloh. His brother Rune came down to visit him and hike at nearby state park. They were nice enough to invite Cal and me to tag along. We were excited to meet THREE adult AI dogs (Shiloh, Rune and Tamarack), to say the least. Cal could hardly contain himself when he met the big boys. It was adorable to see him try to play with each of them in turn and get ignored by all of them. But that did not stop him from trying! We hiked 5 miles which is the longest he ever hiked. He started to get tired half way t
  2. Hello! A little late getting to this but I'm finally, officially, introducing Calcifer to the forums. Calcifer is from the last litter (Winter '17) by Nose x Flint. To make up for introducing him so late I'm posting a boatload of photos! For anyone curious, his name comes from one of my favorite movies Howl's Moving Castle (a film by Miyazaki). We call him Cal or Calci for short. Cal is 4 months old, as of 2 days ago, and weighs in at 23-25 pounds. He was the smallest of the litter so I'm curious to see how he compares to his brothers and sisters. When we first got him, his eyes were supe
  3. Thanks Greg! He's been growing and getting more handsome every day. I'll make the post either later tonight or this weekend.
  4. Whoops, I meant brother and sister (Jesse and Tesuque).
  5. Here is their brother Calcifer (this was taken 2 weeks ago so he's a little bigger now, he grows like a weed)! I'm going to make him a post later with A LOT more pictures! He looks a lot like his sisters.
  6. They are all so adorble! I think my boy looks a lot like your Tesuque. And crate training is going alright. The first day (3 days ago) he howled and cried like little banshee. That night he howled for an hour before settling down but only woke me up once in the middle of the night. Yesterday he was a bit better, crying for only 10 minutes before settling down during the day. I waited till he was fast asleep before putting him in the crate for the night and he didn't cry at all! We actually switched to an open top play pen for the downstairs and the crate for night time and he seems to really l
  7. Congrats both of you! I, too, will be getting one of the boys from this litter in 2 weeks. It's so nice seeing pictures of his siblings already in their forever homes. Tesuque is a beautiful girl! She looks so sweet.
  8. Oh my goodness, I think I've found heaven. It's 8 puppies in a box. And the thought that one of them may be mine!
  9. I'm pretty computer savvy (I'm studying computer science) so if you need any computer help, or have any computer tasks you don't have time for, I'd love to volunteer my time!
  10. That's so exciting! The puppies from the pair last year were gorgeous. And I'm glad they were safe through the crazy weather and the ensuing damage afterwards. Can't wait to see what this litter is like and crossing my fingers that one of them will be my pup!
  11. Of course, Allison! Please let us know if we can do anything to help. Asking is the least I could do. Kim is doing so much for this breed we all love. If I can contribute even a tiny bit to his efforts I'd be beyond happy.
  12. This is my first post, I haven't posted anything because I was a bit nervous but this is too important to let that get in the way! Is there anything we can do to help? I live in NY so I don't think I can be there physically but can I send any donations of any kind? I will definitely have Kim and the rest of Songdog in my thoughts. Hope conditions improve soon!
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