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  1. I have not seen any new pups recently, are pups still being bred? I have a current AI dog name Copper and was wondering if they're still any females available. Rick Lillie Rhododendron, Oregon
  2. Thanks for the info. Copper destroys toys as if they are candy, luckily he doesn't chew on my stuff or the furniture.... but the poor Rhodody outside is a goner.
  3. ricklillie

    Copper Life

    It been a while since I have been on this web site, so Copper has changed a lot from the puppy pictures that were shown over 6 months ago. Copper is now 9 months old and he seems to be settling into some sort of a routine. Him and my other dog (Alaskan Husky)are getting along better, so long as Copper remembers that he is below Shale in the pecking order. However Copper may except his sub-role, he has inserted his attitude in taking over all of Shale's toys and destroying them in the long run. He does not chew on the furniture, but the toys (which he destroys in a couple of days) and outsi
  4. Kodi is about the same age as Copper. Copper was from the litter of Fancy Dancer and Flint. They look similar, so I wondered if they are from the same litter.
  5. Copper at 10 weeks old Copper likes to play, like all the time. So when Shale ignores or rolls him (she gets in trouble over that one) he barks like crazy. Luckily there are puppy pacifiers to help control the barking. He only barks when he thinks he is being ignored. But other than that problem he's a pretty good pup. He has learned where to relieve himself, sit and is starting to come when called. He still stubborn on that last action. Here are some pictures if I can get them on here
  6. Meet Copper I got Copper at the SDK the last Friday of July. Copper is a very good puppy and has learned to stay in the his Kennel at night. Knows his name pretty good and is learning to stay by my side on the leach. He is very active and loves to play and chew on everything. Shale my Alaskan Husky is still playing jellious sister, but she will come around soon. She loves to steel his toys and makes Copper bark. Here are some pictures
  7. Looks like you got a new hiking buddy
  8. I sure enjoy all the pictures of Mesa and Loki. What a bond the two of those dogs have found. When I get a pup, I hope that Shale, my Alaskan Husky can handle a new pup as good as Mesa has been to Loki. Did you drive down to SDK and was Mesa with you when you picked up Loki? I an going down this weekend to SDK camp out to find out more about this breed and to see where I am on the waiting list.
  9. The mom Little Crow is striking, I like the blue eyes with the dark coat. I wonder if her pups have picked up her characteristics. I like the lighter guy
  10. Greg I will bring 2 large bags charcoal from Costco and lighter fluid. Rick Lillie
  11. Nice Pups. Is the brown one or the light colored one (one with blue eyes) a male? Thanks for the updates
  12. Nice pictures. I like the light brown one shown in the pictures and mask on the other two. Thanks
  13. What beautiful face marking your pup has and I like the brown color of this pup. When I looked at earlier pictures of this pup, I thought that he was going to be a big dog, because his paws were so large. Good pictures
  14. The last pictures of Zuni states I eat everything. What an expression and those blue eyes. Beware pups can find almost any hidden thing to chew on. Shale when she was pup manage to pull the TV cable from under the siding and pull it off the house for about 20 feet. Pups love all sorts of chords including extension chords, so watch out for all electrical extensions. I think they like the shock when they chew through the electrical chord. Yum Yum coaxial cables.
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