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  1. Hmmm...yep, gotta say, the coyotes were howling up on the cliffs behind us, and almost lost Wyot to his taking off towards the sounds and smells- he is my super sensitive, always watchful and sniffing the air- dog. It is that time of year, and I also had a middle of the night weird yelping/howling for a brief minute (too long in my opinion!)...but he went right back to sleep, and didn't even rouse Keechee. Took me a while, though...
  2. Wow, haven't been on in a while, and so much goes on!! I hope Khya is doing better now, and that you survived the cold and the ear medicine administering, lol! If your girl is anything like my wild crazy Keechee, the talking that goes on (it's like he holds a conversation in an otherworldly language)! No amount of trying to hold him or tell him to be still to even put on a collar (Coyote hunting season, so on comes the orange!) is easy with Mr. Fidget! He wants to SEE what you are doing, so of course, it doesn't work... He broke a nail 2 weeks ago, probably with his wild antics in the 10
  3. She is beautiful!!!! Now that I remember, I'm almost sure that my Keechee is her brother....dad is Tonto? Forgot who mom is...but I got my numbers mixed up, and said Keechee turned 2 on the 2nd, but he's 2 on the 20th!!! Happy Birthday, Sophie, and fortunate u are!
  4. Thank you all so far for insights- things that I may not have been seeing!! I have started to let Wyot out by himself in the morning, so he has a peaceful, non-competition "bathroom" time....and he was SO happy! I waited outside, and I saw a bounce in his step that I haven't seen for a while. Keechee took it in through the window....and as soon as he starts to try and jump and nip at Wyot, I say a firm NO...and he desists. I was, quite honestly trying not to coddle, and there was that fine line....I wanted Wyot to take charge, but I guess I need to give the jump start, so to speak...the suppo
  5. Great points to ponder! I must say, that Keechee has been a bit high strung as a puppy, and has definitely always been the instigator...having said this, though, I DO stop them when it gets too crazy in the house. Keechee is responsive, gratefully, but this new behavior started two weeks ago. I do always defer to giving the food bowl to Wyot first, then Keechee (both wait until I set their food bowl down)....if Wyot is peacefully laying down napping, and Keechee starts to nip at him, I do tell him to STOP....and he does, settling down. But he is at it 10 -15minutes later. I agree that he tries
  6. Hi there....a great addition to your girl's food is turmeric powder! Turmeric is safe for dogs, and is easy to sprinkle on their food. I always mix a bit of water with it to make it mix better, although my dogs lick the bowl clean ( I feed them Taste of the Wild dry dog food) regardless. You can make a paste of it and add it to baked goods as a treat for them. It is the cheapest and easiest remedy that is super effective for dogs and humans alike. Another thing to consider, is many companies have CBD with turmeric or other anti inflammatory herbs included in a proprietary blend, for pets
  7. Didn't really know how to post a topic about this. Haven't posted in a while, because together with my business and doing events, making product, finally moving up to our property after living in a 30 foot trailer for ten months...and then moving into the house finally at the end of August, we have been BUSY to say the least, LOL! Both Wyot (who is now 3 yrs old) and Keechee (2 yrs old as of Dec 2nd- I think) have adapted SO well to living in our new home. While it is a small home, it is way bigger than the trailer. It took two days for them to realize what was now home, and not head to the do
  8. Ohmy,ohmy,OHMY......!!!!!!!Soft beautiful little furballs!!!! .....
  9. Sschenk, you can totally change the names in your post to Wyot and Keechee (we changed the spelling of his name so people would say it right, lol)...our boys are EXACTLY this way! Wyot is the patroller/protector, while Keechee is the silly, I'll run with sticks or a frisbee in my mouth playing myself if no one throws it to me kind of boy!! They both LOVE taking stuffing out of toys and the occasional pillow (though we haven't had a incident but once in the trailer), and the sleeping on your back with a silly smile, one leg up extended high, head to head on their "bed". The sounds they speak, y
  10. KittynDoc

    Nearly 3!!!

    Wow, how time flies!!! He is beautiful....great picture of him, and love the description.
  11. Taste of the Wild is what Kim uses at the Kennels for all the dogs and puppies....I don't think you can go wrong with it. Congrats on your new addition...you will LOVE your adventure with your new pup!
  12. LOL!!! Yup, I"ve got two of the "everything sniffers"....! And -I absolutely LOVE Nakoma's light up collar. I might need to get one for Wyot as he blends in with the pine forest.
  13. Yes! I often wonder how Haru is! I do think (maybe I am wrong) that he is from the same litter as my Kitchee......
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