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  1. No names quite yet as I like to meet the pup first. I have a few in mind but they may not fit their personality at all!
  2. So, so happy that the Kuschel clan is expanding. Xochitl now has a little brother. Expecting him in a couple of weeks.
  3. Xochitl now has a little brother. Will name him when he arrives - but we have lucky puppy #8. Tan/Brown/Cream with a brown nose, male. We are over the moon!
  4. Thanks Greg! She is our little spark plug. Thank you! She always cracks me up with her expressions. She is also incredibly melodramatic about everything!
  5. All is quiet on the western front over here in Kuschel-landia. Xochitl is now sleeping throughout the day (at our feet or snuggled up next to us) while we work. Come 5pm she is ready to play however, and it has gotten is on an earlier work schedule to ensure that we're done with things when she starts bringing us toys. To be honest, we're ready to play too. Right now Xochitl LOVES to play fetch. She flies like the wind in her new backyard! As the weather is cooling down more and more, we now have to corral her back into the house or she would be there all evening/night. Husband is feeling a li
  6. Thank you so, so much for posting those puppy pictures. This brightens up my day and makes me excited for the people on the list getting pups this round. Beautiful mama!
  7. Yay! This just made my day!
  8. Is there an email or something we can lead people to on Facebook?
  9. Yes! I wouldn't mind posting on my Facebook page and do have some people I know in Portland that could pass it on. Just need a pic.
  10. Getting a boy! Boy dogs typically bond to me better and our pup is definitely Shaun's. Hope I can get that chance.
  11. @Samie: "Well behaved." Our dog has definitely chilled out and I couldn't have imagined adding another pup prior to this point. I think a few people have had the same experience as they start pushing 2 years old.
  12. @Samie and @KittynDoc - I feel good about having someone around to unleash her energy with and it will be good for her. I think she is getting super lonely these days.
  13. Thank you! I think she is super cute too. Very dainty at times - when she isn't making the "Why are you doing this to me?" anxiety face. It is good to know that she may be better on the lead down the line. We just sent off our deposit for another puppers and are going to be approaching the off-leash training differently (all the time and walks in our cul-de-sac). She will want to stay around if there is another dog she knows that does stay - this happens with some of her best doggie friends. She won't come for a toy. She has her own mind and when she has made it up to go and "open it
  14. That is the plan! I know she would enjoy it. We need a bit more training as her placement still needs a bit of work, but I'm excited!
  15. The ignoring works so well. Now if only the ignoring worked when she is in a bigger space!
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