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  1. My Arlo is sired by Jay as well, so sad to hear of his passing.
  2. I was eating when I read that last night and good lord that was disgusting
  3. JackG

    Aidog Smiles

    Arlo does have a little grin But he much prefers to yell (Pictures taken by Rikki's owner Paige)
  4. Yep, I recognized Boulder from his Instagram!
  5. Arlo, from Nina's first litter with Jay Silverheels, March 28, 2016. Arlo has an Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/arlo.ai.dog/, you can see more pictures of him there! The first time I held him, 8 weeks (2 months) old at Song Dog Kennels. 4 months old Arlo and I when we got a snow storm on my 19th birthday this year in February A few weeks ago, three years old! Can't figure out why some pictures are sideways, sorry!
  6. Really hoping I'll be able to make it with Arlo this year! Trying to work out the details, hopefully I can make it work!
  7. Took these just to add to this "ai dogs with hats" trend
  8. So sad for the litter that didn't make, glad mom is gonna be okay though. Excited and happy for the pups that did make it, I agree with Eric on the mixed bag of emotions.
  9. JackG

    Arlo At 1 Year

    It's been a while, I always hoped to keep up with the forum but that plan fell through quickly! I'm here with a brief update on Arlo (Nina x Jay spring 2016), he's been great, recall is still iffy but we're working on it. I have been noticing some of the anxiety I've heard mentioned with these dogs, nothing as severe as others but he does get so anxious when leaving the house (he LOVES going out, I think he just gets so excited that he doesn't know what to do and that turns into anxiety), he'll grab his collar out of your hands and run and hide somewhere. We're working on that, and he's gotte
  10. We hope to be there, haven't fully figured out if we can make it but we will let you know when we do.
  11. JackG

    Nita Is Traveling

    We're out of town till the 18th so we can't help, but we hope someone does!
  12. Inali is from Nina x Jay, sister to my Arlo.
  13. Well my camera and computer decided to not co operate, so no pictures until i fix that But a (very) late, brief recap! We drove down all over the place really, hitting as many dog parks and beaches as we could.. the main highlight for me and Arlo was the dog beach in San Diego (i think), Arlo was so happy playing there that we stayed two nights instead of the planned one. Didn't see any AI Dogs, but it was still fun and Arlo loved seeing all the new places!
  14. Full siblings to my Arlo! Can't wait to see them!
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