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  1. Our boy is happy and healthy and enjoying life in sunny Florida. He has been going to dog agility classes at www.brattypaws.com for about 11 weeks now and is starting to get decent at it! I'll try to take some pics next time he's there. We get SOOO many comments and questions about him when we take him to Lowes, it's funny. He is such a great dog.
  2. yeah his norse name fits him fairly well. I know we are planning on going back to that RV camp site in Navarre, at some point so when we do maybe we can Get together then Felix. Denise we are also planning trips to the keys which takes us right by your side. Maybe we can find a place centrally located and all meet up too. Chris
  3. We are now in Port Charlotte. Navarre was just a stop along the way. we did spend an extra day there just recouping from 6 days of Non stop travel and then went on from there to our home here in Port Charlotte.
  4. Well folks it has been a bit since i have updated or posted. We have been fairly busy with a move. We have moved out of Washington state and moved to The SW of Florida. (3400 mile drive with 2 dogs and 2 cats, and a travel trailer). So Denise and Felix (any others?) there is one more AI dog here in FL. maybe we should have a Small get together at some point. Here is Fenris's favorite Riding position on the way to FL. Fenris learning how to Camp (Campground in Navarre FL) this was Day 6 of the drive. Finally Fenris getting used to his new Surroundings. Here he is standing g
  5. Fenris has the same behavior of removing the stuffing on all fabric toys. however we have recently gotten one of the "Fire Hose" toys similar to this one: https://www.chewy.com/outward-hound-fire-biterz-lizard-dog/dp/113642 He has only managed to get the little fabric feet off of it, but the main squeaky body has held up very well, no penetration or Removal of Stuffing or Squeaky.
  6. Kodi

    Doggie Hiccups

    Fenris had them frequently from the 2 - 6 month age, but they seemed to have stopped for the most part at almost 7 months now. We called them growth Spurts cause it seemed like he was growing with each hiccup
  7. Fenris's First snow too!
  8. Kodi

    Meet Riddick

    I wish you lived closer to us. You could bring him over and toss him in the back yard with Fenris every day. Hopefully Fenris would pull him back if he tried to go over our fence .
  9. Kodi

    Fenris At 3 Months

    Ok Good news from the Eco today. All heart related issues are functioning normally it is just an Audiable murmur. The Doc gave us essentually a clear bill of health. The doc says we should keep an eye on it for a bit and in 5 months or so he wants to have him back in to listen and see if it is still audible. The Doc he gave us clearance for the neutering surgery so Anesthetics should not cause any issue for him. Since we were there we Weighed him again and Fen put on another couple of pounds or so. he is now weighing in a 34.4 Lbs.
  10. Kodi

    Poor Sitka

    Poor Sitka. Hoping that the puppy calms down for you and gives him a break.
  11. Kodi

    Fenris At 3 Months

    Thanks folks that makes me feel better. The vet mentioned that they are on a scale of 1-6 and that this is a 1 the lowest level. The vet suspects tht he would grow out of it, but he also did not want to anestestize Fenris with out knowing for sure if it was more serious or not. We have a Echo setup for the 27th when the roamin heart specialist comes in. (the one our Vet Recomended so we are going with that suggestion, little more money for the roaming one but he was the higher rated heart specialist). I will let people know more once we have the results on the 27th.
  12. Kodi

    Fenris At 3 Months

    So quick update. Fenris is now 5 and 1/2 months up to 32.3 lbs. We went to the vets today because before we go in for his neutering in November the vet recalled hearing a slight heart murmur back in July when we had our initial vet appointment. Back then he said that he would likely out grow it. Well today he still heard a slight murmur so we are having a heart specialist come look at him to ensure that anesthetics will not adversely affect him during the neutering surgery. My question to all of you is have you encountered this before with any ai dogs? Jon and Gail does his sister
  13. We feed Fenris a mix of Taste of the Wild (wild boar maybe?) mixed with Artemis fresh mix chicken wet food. Our vet warned that beef can cause food allergies in dogs, and our last dog did develop such an allergy, so we've stayed away from beef. The Artemis is pretty expensive but we're just too busy to try cook and make balanced meals for ourselves even.
  14. Kodi

    Arya Tokala

    The most pics of him (and a short vid of him playing with his cat) are in this thread: http://www.iidoba.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3911 Except for the white on your girl's chest, it's like I'm staring into Fenris' face.
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