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  1. NorCal

    Our New Fur Baby

    he is big like me! Need more puppy pics!
  2. does she has a sweet personality? Or just real pretty?
  3. nope my boy is also a "flight risk" he has always come back-it just the in between times that stress his human! That trip looks amazing--what comments does he get from The People?
  4. I love couch wolves!! We are going through her method on recall right now as ours is a little wobbly these days. Man these pups keep you on your toesicles!!
  5. so sorry -that is way too young- cancer sucks- He was a such a beautiful dog- well loved for sure. peace be with you K and Z
  6. She is beautiful! Hmmm how long is the list???
  7. How old is your pup? This is all great advice and we have done all of it and still Zuni is protective of high value treats. I just make him go outside and give him space if he needs some alone time with his bone and yes the meatier the bigger the issue. He is fine if he is out on the lawn - he was really bad when he was younger and we did have to back up and re establish some rules. Some of these dogs have some more primitive instincts and Zuni is a talker and not afraid to use his growl . Now that we all understand some of the weird noises that come out our communication is improving on b
  8. cute pair is the wait list really long
  9. I should add that I mix in about 1/3 raw meat of different kinds organ meat and veggies with the kibble -trying to mix it up too.
  10. We are feeding a food called Dr Tims we got it on Chewys and switched from Acana because of the report. It has good reviews and I swear Zunis coat is shinier since we changed. So far so good but Zuni in truth is a Chowhound.
  11. HA --I have a real talker too--who is two step from? Zuni is Chawa and Rowdy I wonder if its a talkative line or we just got lucky?? I will try the whispering thing but he is soooo loud I don't know if he will hear. Summer nights mean lots of creatures in the yard and I would prefer not to know about each one (at midnight) but I do appreciate his vigilance! Sometimes I think I got a wookie instead go a dog!
  12. NorCal

    Aidog Smiles

    zuni has a smile
  13. NorCal

    Update On Ayita

    Such a short time--she looks like such a sweet girl. Sending you much love so sorry.
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