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  1. It has been a hard winter of hiking for sure. Lots of snow. Snow is ok, the slush, rivers and rain is a pain.
  2. Rickstefani


    Congrats and let the adventures begin!
  3. Riddick is almost a year old now. Here are some pictures from our morning hike the other day.
  4. Rickstefani


    Riddick also had worms and we had great success with Stronged-D. It is so hard to see our little pups sick.
  5. Monroe is not that far. When things settle after the holidays we should get them together.
  6. So the fence jumping is becoming a problem. We though we had the solution which was to take him hiking or tire him out at a doggy daycare. He is jumping their fence now. Sounds like he is doing it more because he thinks it is fun than to escape.
  7. Crazy that he is now 6 months old. moving away from saying weeks. 46 lbs as of this morning. He is a sweet boy. Super energetic so either he has to hike/ trailrun for an hour or go to doggy daycare and play for 4 hours to not be destructive. Naming him after an escape artist was really a bad idea. Chewed through our gate twice. I fixed the issue by using heavier cedar planks and somehow he managed to get over it. The gate is only 4 feet high so I think I might have to go 6 feet.
  8. One word of wisdom I have run into is careful how you talk about your dog because it took me a minute to realize why I received strange looks. I have had two American Indian dogs and so far both do not like to swim. Seems like a trend. They like water but not swimming on average. Now this is where the discussion can get awkward without context. My wife talking to someone just said "Indians do not like to swim". After a few other run ins I just say AI dogs. LOL.
  9. 6 months they slow down and then at 1 year they are full size from my last boy? After 2 year full weight. Chepi sounds big for a female. There is a weight chart online that says he will be 62.5 lbs full size which is big for an Indian dog. I should have known from when I picked him up and Greg grabbed his paws and told me so.
  10. I think he is good looking. He is 19 weeks this week and had to weigh him. 38.8 lbs. He is going to be a big boy.
  11. She is so cute. She looks so much like Riddick it is hard to believe they were not litter mates. She is getting spoiled with all the camp trips! Nice quad.
  12. That sweet little face. How could she ever be wicked?
  13. 23 lb is smaller than I thought. Crazy how much larger this breed looks in pictures. That is scary about the cat. I assume the cat has been declawed. Once she plays rough with a cat that is not declawed she will learn the hard way. My Sheba did that. Crazy how much and ear bleeds. Good luck and I hope they work it out soon.
  14. She is so adorable. Riddick is also testing our patience. Just have to be firm with him. He is getting way better with kids too. We do not have any cats and I am sure with how he goes after our chickens it would not be good. Mostly he just wants the chickens food, but he did drag one across the yard on Friday. Luckly the chicken was ok and only missing some feathers after the tussle. Sounds like you are having issues like I did with our last dog. After 2 years he was the greatest dog in the world. Before that he was lucky he was adorable as well. LOL. How much does she weigh now?
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