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  1. I have not been on this site for a very long time. I have 1 of Nova's girls. Phoenix turned 13 last Nov. She looks like her Dad except were he is grey, she is black. She still has a smile that lights up a room.
  2. She looks like Mickey except Mickey's eyes finally settled to a golden yellow. Mickey was born on Nov. 15, 2015 Parents:Sage (f) and Flint (m) I would post a picture but still can't figure out how.
  3. She looks so much like Mickey. Her parents are Sage (F) and Flint (M). Mickey was born on Nov. 15, 2015. Mickey's eyes finally settled on a golden yellow
  4. Sage and Flint had their puppies 1 year ago on Nov. 15, 2015. Mickey is 1 year old and such a love. She is so different from Phoenix. Does anyone else have pictures from this litter? Mickey weighs 25 pounds and Phoenix weighs 42 pounds. Neither one has an oz of fat on them. Their builds are so different. Phoenix has an undercoat and Mickey doesn’t. On November 24, Phoenix will be 7 years old. Her Mom is Hopi and her Dad is Nova. Are there and pictures from Hopi and Nova’s puppies after they grew up? Trying to post a picture of Mickey put don't know how.
  5. I had 4 cats when I first got Phoenix. I told her not to chase the kitties and she never did. In fact, Phoenix always thought I had the kitties so she could clean their plate after they were finish with their food. Phoenix always had great respect for all the cats. As time goes on, you will notice this breed has a very spiritual aura. They get alone with most animals. Phoenix has several friends that are not dogs or cats. - 2 toads and a chipmunk. They greet each other every day. Just got my second dog, Mickey. Different personality but also very spiritual.
  6. Thank you Kim and Allison for your kind reply. Unfortunately, I have used this site way too often for "In Memory of" instead of "In Celebration of". The site is "The Trees Remember - when words are not enough". The website is http://thetreesremember.com/pet-loss-trees. This site has 3 categories: Memorial Trees, Celebration and Pet Loss Trees. The spirit will always be around us but that doesn’t mean we will not miss the physical - the touch, the sweet tasting kiss, the big strong loving hug, the beautiful smile, laughter of life and the special look. Periodically when I do look at these “
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