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  1. I'll take them all, thanks. Please send me the bill hahaha
  2. Following for a photo. I have friends in Portland I can share to
  3. I real,y hope we get updates on these guys
  4. Oh my goodness the cream/white one just stole my heart....
  5. I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying! How many dogs is too many?!
  6. The writer of this article is in my Facebook group and on my friends list They also havenan9ther website called www.couchwolves.com
  7. Sorry I haven’t been around to update lately, things hav been in a whirlwind but I can’t think of a time in my life where they haven’t been. ‘When I took chepi home I made this silent promise to myself that I would always have AI dogs. There’s a special connection I have to this breed that cannot be compared to any other animal I have met. Thought a strange turn of events we recently adopted another dog who is not and AI dog at all but I simply could not leave him there to be adopted by someone who had no idea what they were doing. While I often call myself a novice level trainer with expert
  8. Can’t wait to see photos! I need all the puppy pictures
  9. This is an older one but I don’t think I shared it yet!
  10. Can’t wait to see all the babies! In a year from now we hope to have out third and final puppy to round out the pack!
  11. The company is LINK AKC They have a couple different collars they make and they offer to exchange sizes for the life of your pup. I like their gps pretty well but I am waiting to see what the new one is like because I have found it take a while to see their movements change on the GPS with this one. And their “sport collar” that they sent me to try fell apart pretty quickly... which is disappointing. They idea is good I just think the design could be more practical.
  12. Ill I’ll have some more photos to show later but just an update for now kyber is SO BIG I swear he is almost the same weight as chepi now. They are still getting a long great and I can tell her overall quality of life is so much better with him in it. Kyber loves meeting new people and will ask every single one of them for a belly rub. He is the snuggliest thing too it is so heartwarming. I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season!
  13. Oh man I already have puppy fever again I definitely would love another tonto puppy, I’m super happy for all those on the list!
  14. Chepi is definelty like a cat. She even rubs up against our legs and slow blinks at me like a cat
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