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  1. Hello! I am so sorry I haven't been better at keeping everyone up to date. The seminar was called T3 launch - Train the Trainer with Sean O'Shea and Jeff Gellman. It was AMAZING! Super emersive, lots of hands on, just amazing. Long time forward of mine for sure. If the forum would allow me I would post pictures but everything I try to upload is way too big. Le'sigh. My dogs (AI dogs) didn't get much training time as I had a client's dog with me too. It was a ton of work to say the least. Labor of love though. If you haven't heard of these two please check them out on YouTube. They have so man
  2. I use muzzle grabs but never as a reprimand. When I'm working puppy handling I teach them I'm allowed to grab (gently) their muzzle. I hold on as long as I want and move their heads using the muzzle as a handle. I also use a grab and tug almost like a hug? Just always have
  3. I'm in the area tomorrow if you want to get together!!
  4. I'm in the area tomorrow if you want to get together!!
  5. Such great advice! This is such a great place to find solutions to all kinds of issues! The first step in extinguishing a behavior is to stop allowing them to practice it. For this the penny can is a great idea to interrupt the jumping but as others have mentioned it's only half the conversation. It's as important to teach your pup what you want them to do instead. What I would try is to set up training scenario BEFORE you need them to do the desired behavior. Set up training sessions when your not gone for the entire day. Step outside for 5 min then 10, then 30min and help the dog you lear
  6. Hello! My name is Melissa and I'm a dog trainer who has a 'thing' for behaviorally challenged dogs. I have a few follow up questions for you. First, how long has this dog been living in the garage? Is she in there alone? What kind of enrichment does she have? I ask these questions because you mention how fast she drinks water... hopefully she has access to water 24/7 and if not she should. You mention aggression but used with no context it is hard to give guidance. What is she doing that is aggressive? Could she just have a rough play style as vs being vocal(like most hybrids)? Y
  7. To those of you who are (rightfully) concerned about the surfaced you relieve your unvaccinated puppies on; instead of worrying but still rolling the dice consider the option of laying down some sort of barrier-newspaper, cardboard, towels ect. I like to travel with a 3ft. Exercise pen I can set up around an area that I've laid down a barrier. Just an idea.
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