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  1. Greetings all - I had a super long post that got deleted - trying to keep it together while I re-type this. My 2-year-old boy Kiva was sick last weekend so I took him into Emergency Care - doc there said his vitals were fine, no obstructions - he probably just ate something. I disagreed. His wasn't panting, but his breathing seemed off to me - slightly shallow and more rapid that usual. I emailed our vet who called us first thing the following morning. Did more tests- his white blood cell count was on the floor. We rushed him to ICU in Portland where he has been for 3 days now o
  2. brandyvgrey


    Zola is adorable! What a face. Thank you for sharing the pictures!
  3. I basically lose all feeling in my legs every morning while drinking coffee because Kiva HAS to snuggle down into my lap. Only at the Kitchen table. Otherwise he wants to sit next to me. Pretty darn cute.
  4. What a beautiful litter! The attitude from the little one on the left in these pictures is just too perfect.
  5. Coffey really resembles our Kiva. It's amazing!
  6. I think the first time I had to wait was agonizing. I just filled my time reading as many puppy training books as I could to distract myself. This time it is less hard but only because we have one and we both work in the wine industry so this is our busiest time of year. In about 8 weeks, I'm sure I will start to get a little anxious. I am however, a solid fan and supporter of the process here. I feel like these folks do an amazing job in trying to match the right dog with the right home - and I'm willing to wait a year or more if that is as long as it takes. But I also know what it is l
  7. Love all these stories and that video! What a sweet little one you have! Thank you for sharing.
  8. Greetings all! It took me too long to get my account figured out on the forum, but better late than never. I'd like to introduce you all to our little guy - Kiva Grey. His parents are Tonto and Buffalo Girl. While my husband has owned many dogs, Kiva is my first. I had roommates with dogs, but never one of my own. I waited years until I had a house with a yard and a puppy-friendly schedule that I knew would be a long term home before I put myself on the waiting list. It was important to me that I gave my pup everything I could. We welcomed him into our home last winter and his now 9 months old
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