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  1. i see, well ruffwear wil be real happy they are linked and that they made it tru the censor of the "board" gea
  2. i suppose this insnt the case anymore?? The AI dog breed club IIDOBA was created for our “First Nations Dogs / AI dogs” and does not allow companies or individuals to market or advertise anything,
  3. wel as we all know from before, my english is real bad and the gramma is even worse but this is what you wrote to me, correct me if i misunderstood that You are also welcome to put up a link or to other related AI dog pages or talk on the forum if you like … thanks & keep in touch ~ Kim La Flamme ~ founder/trustee of the AIDog breed for over 45 years so sorry i tried again and went tru all the trouble of even trying never mind, gea
  4. ive been hacked last night so here are the links again remember all profits go to the rebuild of dave's house in florida, so its not for my personal benifit [Links removed at Kim's request]
  5. Maybe better i start a new topic, this is the only place i can, since im not allowed on all topics remeber all profit on all products will go to Dave Williams who's house and dogs burned in januari so all the Aidog stuff you can see and buy on: [Edited by Admin] **These items are to benefit an individual, but not sanctioned by the IIDOBA. We cannot verify that all photos are American Indian Dogs.
  6. Dave wants to thank you all for your support Since i asked for new inlogcodes and got them,but only can acces the public forum i let you know from this topic that there are T-shirts,buttons,bumperstickers and many more made ,especially for this occasion,and for this i made a new aidog logo with Tulip,Spirtitt and Waya on it, all profits will go directly too Dave for the rebuilding of his house. i noticed some one asked for t-shirts and bumperstickers, so here is your change. I also made a photo book from various Aidogs, dutch and The american once i met and American wich were so kind
  7. in may the racetrack had a demo and they invited the aidogs to be part of it, how cool is that,accepted among sighthounds and being part of there demoteam, real proud of that. i wasnt there with ka because i was in the states, but we had some good representatives there, all aidogs did great with the draglure. ever since we practise with our own draglure they become better and faster, so real cool that we are part of the demoteam now, finally the netherlands accept that our aidogs are racers too, we even made it to the papers overhere. next will be a dogscooter and racedemo in amersfoort jun
  8. oh just remembered this, you need a leash that comes between the harness and the scooter, be sure its elastic, so the dog wont get all the shocks from the pulling on his back,the elastic makes sure its a smooth pull for the dogs something like this will do
  9. wel at the dogscooter.com site you can fill in the size and weight of your dog and they make the right harness then, you need the x back harness http://www.dogscooter.com/HarnessesCatalog.htm my ka is 38 pounds, so something like hawk i guess, i just could fitt the harness sicne yvon got all sizes with her, she fitts in a M harness , it goes from s,m,l,xl and xxl so its not that big her harness, but when we are scootering, she pulls it straight and thats the way its supposed to be. so always check if it fits when the dog is in action. good luck you two with the dogscootering, just pr
  10. be sure its an adult scooter, that can carry 200 pounds or more and you need breaks, front and back and always be alert youre dog wont stop in the middle of a run, because you drive over him then, so always keep an eye on the dog and the rest of the track. safety for the dog first. the harness is an sled dog pulling harness for one dog and if you have more dogs infront of your scooter you need another one that keeps them together. also be sure that the dogs knows the right commands for left ,right,go and stop, saves you alot of crashes Bwahahaha for the rest its just practise, a lot befor
  11. hi me and yvon are dogscootering every weekend with our dogs, they just love it and its so much fun to do,dogs getting nuts because they can run and pull there favorite things here is a youtube movie from it you can find info about dogscootering in the states at www.dogscooter.com
  12. no quarantine rules as far as i know and yes im planning to take her with me somewhere this year, wouldnt that be great and its a dog racetrack only in jax
  13. hi guys, i made it to the usa again this month to check out some more racing there there was this new indiandog Nicodemus, wow he looks like my kaya and is he a runner,we got him used to the boxes and the lure and he made 6 practise runs, so so much fun, hope he will be back in februari again. scoops and tola raced too ofcourse and did great, wel enjoy the pics
  14. thank you so much for your bday wishes, you miss me allison ???? Bwahahaha anyway been busy, was in the states last november to check out the racing in florida and california, races where so so cool and we had a great amerikan/dutch gathering, to much fun some pics are on ka's site already, but place some others here, seeing the racing was really to cool, learned so much there, mean if you wanne learn about racing you gotte be with dave and listen to him, he knows so much about indian dogs and racing,think scoops,spiritt and runa would be a great challenge for my Ka and cali was fun too, h
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