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Coffey please

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    Native American ceremonies, crafts, movies, a good book to read, my dog (Roger -a dash hound mix), swimming, camping, travels(vacations or sabbaticals), FAMILY, good food. Time with A.I. dog when he / she is here (Roger and Tayamni included on time with). I am able to add in that Coffey is a much WONDERFULL addition to my family and am looking to MANY new memories (as well as years) with him. My Roger has left our Junior mint (and Tayamni)to help with balance in our lives and home (where ever home may be).
  1. Very sorry to hear about the loss. My thoughts are with you at this time.
  2. I do not know how many of you out there have actually sat back at some point . . . . . looked at your pup \ dog and knew the name you gave them was close to or spot on for them. For my little guy . . . the moment I saw him I knew it was fight (like my dream told me) that Janjira Coffey was and is fitting him in more ways than one. Janjira - town and NUCLEAR POWER plaint in 2014 Godzilla movie and Coffey - Character in the Green Mile movie "like the drink . . only not spelled the same". Coffey can be a handful as well as thick headed yet I find that there are slight hints here and there Coffey
  3. What part of Connecticut ? ? Anywhere near Sleeping Giant ? ? I grew up just outside of New Haven area. Your dogs look great.
  4. I see where our sweethearts get their GREAT looks from. had to pull myself away to tend to Coffey with his training. LOVE all the pictures ! !
  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Tayamni and her siblings ! ! ! The picture of Tayamni is of her enjoying her Aunt's bed. Her aunt had to get a photo. Love you Tayamni ! !
  6. Hi Alison ! Coffey is doing well in his class. he is a "treat hound". He is Learning 'what is it / who is it . . . in a happy voice . . . we look to see what he and Tayamni are looking at for them to calm (or quiet)the both down. There is also focus (looking at me), target games (like touching hand or a cap on the floor), super fast sits (auto stops like on walks or around the house as they fallow you), place (sit at a spot and stay. A rug near the front door or to one side in kitchen when making their food), and a rub down (hands over the head to rub the ears, down the back doing some more r
  7. Coffey is starting classes tomorrow and I hope he dose well. It is not just for manners . . . It is also for him to listen better and not be Marlin like on leash for one example. I am also to learn to Calm down his excitement as needed. Hope it goes well for both of us. Denise to help. More as classes finish up in weeks to come.
  8. Hard to believe that Coffey is a year old already. Time has gone by fast. Happy Birthday to Coffey.
  9. had a GREAT visit with Chepi and her family. The picture is showing all three having so much fun together. Glad they had a play date.
  10. My sister Denise E. is right that the pictures do not do it justice. Coffey would like to thank Joyous1 for his collar. Coffey had time to have photos taken for sharing. He will start wearing it about this Saturday when he is better healed and the cone is off him as not wanting to ruin such a gracious gift. To LakeGirl - I get Coffey mistaken as a Shepard also. My sister's dog Tayamni gets mistaken for a dingo. I am glad to hear this happens to others.
  11. I agree that the puppies are so cute and more so when sleeping.
  12. Coffey says THANKS for all the compliments. His mommy read them all to him. He got to see pictures too.
  13. It was GREAT to see the both of them in action. As Denise has said, you can see how they react in different ways as they have the drive to heard. I am sure that Tayamni and Coffey will love to get there again soon as I have seen that neither wanted to leave and get back to herding the sheep. Thank you for those getting the post up with the pictures.
  14. I can not wait for the paper work to come back either on Coffey. The Junior mint is at Grandmas' with me right now. He is trying to give a hard time with his training ..... I am doing what I can to stay one step ahead and consistent as well as right back to tough love as is much needed. Denise keeps up on us being alpha ... weather at home or at our moms' place. Thanks to everyone on helpful tips. I know we most likely have or will put all to good use.
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