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Oso White Bear

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  1. hello Everyone..This is White Bear from Maryland...My new Pup is Wakin'a...which is Lakota for Thunder....since it was Thundering when I got the Pup...Nice Weather in Oregon.....Wakin'a flight back to Maryland...was with no problems...He is acclimating fine..and it is nice to see his brothers and sisters on the Forum....They were all so sweet...and muddy.....His full Spirit name is Blue Thunder Eagle Dream Talker Flys Far.....Please post pics of their growth and I will do the same...once I figure that out...Also I got a chance to meet Molly's dogs in Ben Lomend prior to my visit to Oregon...Th
  2. I am interested in seeing pictures of the prospective mothers for the new liters...anybody know anything on their status..?????...Thanks Oso White Bear
  3. well....looks like I am heading to Oregon and SDK.....I plan to arrive on 12/9/15 and stay for a few days..and hopefully fly home 12/12/15...Looking for any cool things to do while I am there...and scenic attractions...Never been to Oregon and looking forward to seeing the country and coming home with a new pup.....Will visit with Miz Molly and her dogs in Ben Lomend before heading north....So gracious for the invitation.....Oso White Bear
  4. this sounds wonderful...and could be my first stop...thanks for extending yourself..would love to meet your dogs..you..and take in the land...Kim said the dogs are in season..so when I hear of a confirmation..I can start making plans westward...my email is [Edited by Admin]..talk to you soon....OSO
  5. judy k......thanks for the offer..I am flying out...but would love to see pictures...Thanks.....White bear
  6. I am anxious to schedule my travel plans starting in San Francisco and working my way up to Oregon..I would like to meet any dog owners along the way and get to know these animals...and their owners.. I had 2 generations of Coyote ....mix pups...but I know this will be a new adventure..The new pup will have his own tipi where he call call upon his roots and connect with the land...Allison could you post the picture of the Lodge I sent you..Matiox...Oso White Bear
  7. Hi, I'm on the waiting list for a puppy. Looking forward to getting information about the next litter so that I can schedule my travel arrangements to the West Coast from Baltimore.
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